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12 Minutes

One of the most talked about games in the internet is the review. It’s a video game that’s been created by Sega. In order to play the game; you simply need to download it first then proceed to the console to start playing it. The plot of the game is very simple; you are on this planet called Earth and apparently have fallen from the sky. Once there; you were attacked by aliens who had taken over the land and you are now battling them.

The game is a football match but it doesn’t look that way. For example; when you are down to the 10 yard line of the game; you will see that there are two goal posts positioned one below the other. You’ll kick the ball towards the one in front but since the ball doesn’t go through the goal post; you kick it again and hope that it will go through. You will be assisted by a few alien creatures as well who assist you in the process of kicking the ball. However; the goal you aim for eventually falls short and you lose the game. You will be informed later on that the aliens have won the game.

As you can see; the game starts off with just the football but it doesn’t end there either. After you lose the first game; you will automatically be sent into the next phase which is to create a soccer team and take your turn in kicking the ball. However; this time around; the alien invaders have guns that shoot energy beams at your team. Those beams will do considerable damage to your team members. As you fall ill or get tired; you are forced to move to another point in the game where a healing station is located.

If you fall ill; you will be put into a holding cell. Your only food for the duration of the game will be water. There is no other way to nourish your body and keep you alive in the Alien galaxy than by eating food that is being offered to you by the aliens. As long as you remain healthy; you can continue playing the game.

The football game has several levels. The first one is just the very basic level. This allows you to learn the basics of the game. The harder levels in the game require more strategy and more thinking. You need to develop your skills and think out of the box when playing the game.

Another great feature of the game is its use of technology. A video camera monitors the action so you can easily see what is happening on the field. This allows you to play the game even without being able to see the players. This way; you will be able to make your team work even better and win the game for you.