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From the new cyberpunk world of Foreclosed comes an exciting behind-the-scenes video game: Evan Kapnos’ return to video gaming. In the first-person shooter video game; Evan Kapnos gets put into a dark; strange world where he is thrust into the center of a secret war. With the help of a special green eye implant and a high-tech gun; Evan must find out what happened to his life; while struggling with mysterious enemies and his own mental health. Check out the video at the end of the article; below; for a closer look at the game’s lead character; Evan.



The Foreclosed story begins in the near future; in the year twenty-five years before the events of the video game. There is a huge economic crash; caused by the catastrophic Three Mile Island disaster. As the economy fails; unemployment and inflation rises; forcing millions of people to abandon their homes and look for a new place to call home. One such place is a small rural town called Metropolis; where a group of starving; desperate people live; day after day. A strange; masked stranger arrives; and realizes that he can help these people; if only they agree to participate in an experimental mind-body transfer.

This mind-body transfer is an experiment; a cover for a major research project; that has the potential to revolutionize the cyberpunk world. Thirty years prior; several men from Metropolis engage in this procedure and become the founding members of an experimental group called “The Firm.” However; as the years pass; other scientists develop similar experiments; and one of these experiments is called “Evan’s Brain Implants;” which involves the use of brain implants to give Evan unique superpowers; such as telekinesis; bulletproof vision; and the ability to speak in multiple languages at the same time. This implant makes Evan the star of his own team; called the “aspers” in the cyberpunk world. After helping the team to rescue some abducted scientists; they learn that they are being stalked by a group of terrorists called “The Octagon” who want to use the implants for their own purposes.


Bug Patches

The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

When he is in his human form; he uses his extra abilities to escape the octagon’s attacks; but when he is in his symbiotic pistol form; he uses the barrel to shoot a deadly; slow-moving chainsaw. The fighting quickly escalates into a massive street battle; as the Turtles; Green Lantern; the New Batman and Wonder Woman work together to save the day.

However; while fighting the villains; the Turtles discover they are not the only ones with cybernetic enhancements. An evil cybernetically enhanced terrorist named Chiana makes contact with the Turtles; who then must battle her and other members of the Octagon. The plot quickly moves to other parts of New York City; including the Daily Planet where readers meet new people; and have the pleasure of a visual aesthetic of comic books.

By using a combination of traditional enemies and non-traditional allies; players are able to experience an all new level of action-adventure; exploration and tactical skill development. However; it is the unique blend of puzzle and action that make it truly feels like a comic book hero. With a combat system that takes the level of complexity and action that the creator had hoped for; players can expect to uncover and unlock new abilities with an expansive skill system and a never ending array of exciting missions and quests. The developers have succeeded in creating an online RPG that plays like a traditional massively multiplayer online role-playing game; yet combines the accessibility and versatility of an RTS/MOBA title with the narrative and gameplay of a comic book.