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Actraiser Renaissance

Introducing Actraiser Renaissance; an improved and completely overhauled version of the classic Super Nintendo game series from Sega and Square Enix. Actraiser brings a fresh perspective on the story and gameplay of the classic Sonic and Mario games; giving players the chance to take an optimistic look at a world that has been destroyed by the evil Dark Lord. The hero’s role is not only to destroy those evil threats and The Evil One behind them; however; but also to help the remaining population rebuild their lives and thrive in peace.


Actraiser Renaissance

In terms of the story; Actraiser Renaissance follows the tale of Dr. Finkelstein; an eccentric doctor who lives in a small mountain town named Solebury. One day; while fixing up his motorcycle; he sets it on fire; apparently as a result of a lighter. An apparently supernatural being named Eggman comes out of nowhere;claims to be the creator of fire; and attacks Dr. Finkelstein’s home and his lab; kidnapping the doctor’s teenage daughter Tana. With the help of an unlikely group of heroes including some familiar faces from the original games (likeails and Charmaine); Dr. Finkelstein is able to put a stop to Eggman’s nefarious plans and rescue Tana. Additional bonus features include a bonus level where you can encounter Dr. Eggman and battle him; a treasure collection system featuring rare item collecting tools; and a multiplayer mode for up to 4 players.

The music from Actraiser Renaissance is available as a digital download for the same price as the game is sold for. It is completely in line with the score from the actual console original; which is quite fitting for such a fantasy-themed game. You’ll enjoy the entire Renaissance era; from its colorful costumes and buildings to its intricate citizens and bustling city-building.

Actraiser Renaissance on PlayStation 4 is not only a remaster of an already established franchise; but it is a remaster of an even older game. In fact; it is much older than the first game! This is because the developers of the game made an early port of the title to the PC; before making the highly successful PlayStation Move version. The results are visually stunning; bringing the entire Renaissance period to life. The new stages are also designed spectacularly well; and do not just look like environments you would expect to find in the Renaissance period; but are instead vibrant and lifelike settings.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

Actraiser Renaissance on PlayStation 4 takes the series in a different direction; in that it introduces a true-time strategy element into its gameplay. Unlike the previous Actraiser games; you are now able to choose from two main paths through the game: battle or exploration. Each of these paths has its own particular objective; and can be played in a single; multi-player mode or co-op mode. It is in the multi-player mode that the game shines; with each player able to use a variety of weapons and abilities; as well as creating their own settlements; recruiting fellow Actraiser players and building their score by defeating opponents and enemies. This provides for a very deep overall game experience; with all players able to create their own unique experience and succeed in the competitive environment.

When you finish Actraiser Renaissance on PlayStation 4; you will be given access to a special collector’s item disc that allows you to experience the benefits of the remastered version first-hand. Actraiser Renaissance is one of the best looking games on this current console generation; and the remaster is truly a remarkable improvement over the original game. By creating a cinematic quality level of play; the developers at SEGA have really pulled out all of the stops. Although the graphics and sound are not technically the best on the current market; they are certainly up to the task of providing a truly memorable gaming experience. If you like the old arcade style of games; then Actraiser Renaissance is an excellent choice – a true gem of an arcade conversion. Play it for yourself.