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Aliens: Fireteam Elite

Aliens: Fireteam Elite is the prequel of the popular Alien series. Developed by Cold Iron Studios in collaboration with Disney; it is the second official Alien video game since Alien: arium and is a completely separate sequel to the classic Alien trilogy. The game starts after the events of Alien vs. Predator. The Earth has been invaded by a group of hostile aliens who arrive on the planet on the space station orbiting the Solitude. They are looking for a means to destroy the remaining Colonial armies which were left in the system to fight off the invaders.

The game is focused on the combat between the fireteam (or group of alien survivors) and the aliens themselves; who are protecting their own colony from the humans. As in the previous games in the series; you have a limited number of lives which you can use to re-spawn once to fight off more waves of aliens. You also have a couple of primary objectives in the game that must be completed before moving on to the others. These objectives include boarding a mother ship to discover hidden data or to locate the remains of the xenomorphs who died in the movie. Overall; the objective-based gameplay is very solid.

The real strength of Aliens: Fireteam Elite though is in the audio and visual effects. The top-rated sound effects showcase the alien encounter to the fullest. Although the story and mission structure aren’t too complicated; the action is exciting and engrossing. Some of the more memorable scenes involve the death of Ripley and the dropship crash; Fox Next Gen’s John Hurt is definitely one actor who could put his acting skills to the test in this video game.

The real star of this game though is its multiplayer mode. In CO-OP; players take on the roles of both Ripley and tracker Alias. Playing as Ripley; you’ll need to save the alien research facility from an attack by the Terminals. For this objective; you’ll need to take up several objectives throughout the facility to start the game. You can also utilize Alias’ AI to do your fighting for you; he has several unique abilities; but none are as powerful as the Colonial Marines’. Combined with a handful of other players; you can form an effective fire team composed of Marines; scientists and other survivors to take on the enemy.

Unlike some other Alien games; there is a significant amount of progression in Aliens: Fireteam Elite. The campaign missions are challenging enough even for expert players; and the challenges offered during play sessions provide plenty of opportunity to test your skills against new players; as well as those who know nothing of the setting. The in-game challenge cards include several different scenarios; each requiring a different set of strategy to complete.

Although the majority of missions take place on Earth; there is also one mission which takes place aboard an alien spacecraft where you must save the crew and research the crashed vessel. This mission features tough combat with the hostile xenos; as well as a couple of optional side quests. These side quests; many of which are timed ones; are designed to give players an added challenge; as they help you develop your character and increase your knowledge of the different aspects of the science fiction universe enjoyed by the players in Alien: Fireteam Elite.