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Aragami 2

Aragami 2 game is the sequel to Lince Works’s previous sleeper indie hit; Aragami: The Legends of the Ninja. It’s a third person; stealth-action game in which you play as an ninja from the famous Aragami family a group of assassins who have an innate ability to manipulate the unseen darkness called Shadow Essence. This time around; with a more mature story set in a modern time; Aragami 2 has a whole new cast to match its predecessor.


Aragami 2

If you enjoyed the first game; this one is worth a look too. It still follows the storyline of the previous game and focuses on the storyline surrounding the life of newly promoted ninja assassin Shikuro Aragami. You can play as Aragami; who now has his own group of nambunctators (nightstick-like people that emulate ninja moves) called the Might Dinos (the name is derived from the phrase “rod of evil eye” – which gives the ability to see shadows). The story revolves around a chain of events wherein a former peacekeeper of the Japanese government assigned to protect Japan from assassination attempts hires a band of special agents (called “nightstick” in Japan) to take out the Shinigami of the yakuza. With the help of new recruits such as Takeda and Motohime; the ability tree becomes more powerful and the player takes on the role of defending the capital city of Tokyo from a sinister force.

In addition to the storyline; Aragami 2 gives players a rich fighting and tactical experience due to its two-player co-op mode. Here; you can split your game up into two teams. Using the left analogue stick; you’ll trigger special attacks by pressing certain directions. Additionally; you can also trigger an attack by double tapping an enemy. If you get hit; you can use the R button to deflect the damage.

The story of the game takes place in September; twenty years after the events of the first Aragami game. A newly elected premier is needed to quell the rising crime rate and instill fear in the ninja forces which were left on the island to wage a holy war against the “Goddess of Killers”. To this end; she assigns her personal aide; Mado; to control the shadowy ninja forces. Unfortunately; the arrival of a special forces called the Shinsengumi (knights) arrives just as they’re about to attack the fortress where the two forces are located; and they begin to clash with the Shinsengumi and Mado.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

Using the new game pass; you can jump right in and start having some fun with the storyline while experiencing the fast paced action with the new weapons and combos that make up the combat system. If you were wondering if the story will be too slow for your taste; then you will be happy to know that it’s not. In fact; the action is so fast that even the most die-hard action gamer would have trouble catching up. The graphics are top notch and really help to bring life to the game’s world.

When you finish up the game; you’ll find out that your new powers allowed you to become the new Lord of the Shinsengumi. However; this does not mean that you can relax and sit back and enjoy the story. You still need to go and complete all the quests and tasks in order to get the next level of the game which gives you the chance to recruit some more followers; the abilities; and weapons for you to take on waves of enemies. Therefore; you should spend some time earning more money; mastering your powers; and earning more rewards before you call it quits for the day as the protagonist of Aragami 2: The Tower of Convoker.