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Ark Survival Evolved

Ark Survival Evolved Game is an upcoming action-adventure video game based on the Ark video game series produced by Arkane Studios; in collaboration with itch-worthy studio; Instinct Games; and publisher Zero Stress Co. The game is developed for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4; using the same motion-detecting gameplay of the PC original. It is being published by publisher Impressions Entertainment. The game is being developed by a large team of writers and artists who are all former members of the team of Arkane Studios; the folks that created the original Ark game.


Ark Survival Evolved

I got to play the early access version of Ark Survival Evolved at the Xbox booth at Gamescom earlier this month. During my hands-on time; I did not really get to experience much of the story or feel that the game mode was all that interesting; but I can say that the game mode is intense and that it has a very huge and engrossing storyline that promises to keep you playing until the end

On my way out; I decided to try out the “game on” version of Ark Survival Evolved. This game mode allows you to jump right into the action right from the start of the game; without having to work your way through the single player campaign. I really enjoyed this early access version of the game; although the graphics and overall look of the game looked a bit flat compared to the later; complete version. However; I will give the early access version a pass because the story seems well-developed and the game mode provides a lot of replay value; even if it’s not the full game that you would expect.

One of the best things about Ark Survival Evolved (which ties in nicely with my review of the original Ark game) is that players must build an extensive wardrobe of tools that they can use to fight off the various creatures that roam the island. This is done by collecting food items that are dropped by various animals and crafting food that can be eaten to gain the much needed energy to boost up your defense. Each of these foods is unique and only available on certain islands; making each adventure in Ark Survival Evolved a fun experience because you will know exactly where to go to acquire the resources you need to survive. Additionally; players must collect health bars that are carried around on their person by their character; to ensure that they stay healthy and can battle off any creature that tries to attack them.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

The goal of Ark Survival Evolved (which you can play both online and offline) is simple: survive as long as possible and collect the many treasures that are placed all over the island. In order to make the most out of the gameplay; you must plan your strategies well; as there are a wide variety of levels to the game and each one brings something new to the table. For example; there is an underwater level that players must explore in order to locate and capture a rare turtle that is guarded by a vicious shark. There is also a flying and land exploration level as well as a submarine level where players must utilize every tool at their disposal in order to save themselves from a group of angry dolphins who desire nothing less than to devour the Ark survivors.

In conclusion; Ark Survival Evolved (which you can play both online and offline) is nothing short of revolutionary. Not only does it feature an all new storyline; but it also has a whole new set of tools and weapons that players must use in order to increase their chances of survival. Ultimately; this survival video game manages to combine elements from several other games; such as the Banner from Double Dutch; the maze from Tom and jumbo; the tower from Super Crate RPG and many others into one exciting game that is sure to satisfy the mass majority of its players. Although it is not without its faults; this is definitely one of the best survival video games to come out in a while!