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Back 4 Blood – Alpha Test Gaming Review

There are a large amount of games on the market today that let you play zombie killing with a gun, but Back 4 Blood is not one of them. This game is really a first person game based on real life events. It deals with the aftermath of a plane crash that kills a wide array of people, including several members of the emergency medical team. The only method to flee from the burning plane is through an intense jungle trail that is carved from the jungle. Your only method of escape is by killing as many zombies as you can on your way.

The story behind Back 4 Blood is that it had been among the alpha tests for the zombie survival game called Zombies. You play the role of Chris, who survived the plane crash and was found by a group of survivors. As well as them, you must survive in the open by overcoming the zombies that have taken up residence around the area. As a way to survive long enough to complete the game, you need to utilize your teamwork and your knowledge of the environment in order to survive longer than any player.

One of the most interesting areas of the gameplay involves the storyline. You’re in the heart of Africa, surrounded by zombies along with other survivors who have also survived the crash. The plot revolves around an enormous virus that has killed off all but a small number of those left alive. As you make an effort to work the right path through the jungle to get shelter, you encounter a variety of zombies and the infected corrupt human that are responsible for the virus.

During the course of the overall game, you’ll be forced to make use of a special type of weapon so that you can defend yourself. You can utilize a shotgun or attack zombies from a distance using an assault rifle. You’ll also have to know when the right time and energy to use these weapons is, as some weapons can only be reloaded after they are fired. The back printing on the cards is where you’ll acquire these guns, and you can find two kinds – the corrupted ones and the typical variety. The guns in Back to Four Blood specifically work differently than the rest, in order that makes the gameplay all the more unique.

Back 4 Blood Zombie Amazing AI

There is a ton of zombie action in the game, with players taking cover and shooting at each other making use of their guns. The zombie AI is really interesting, as you have to carefully consider the moves you make prior to making them. You’ll need to aim for the eyes as a way to kill them, in addition to for the vital organs along with other parts of their bodies. For example, if you aim for the head area, the zombie will be damaged and won’t continue to stay alive long enough so you might continue the game.

With regards to the game’s co-op zombie action, players may take turns being the survivor. You’ll need to work together to eliminate the infected zombies and restore order in your neighborhood. The controls because of this co-op play mode are the keyboard and the controller. As you play, you’ll earn points based on how well you use others in the co-op play mode. Xbox Live Arcade members will be able to make use of the Xbox Live achievements system for this one.

Overall, I must say i liked what I played through the alpha test of Back 4 Blood. It is a decent game that I hope gets more updates to it since it gets ready for a complete release. I enjoyed all the zombie action, the zombie sounds, and the different weapons and tactics the developers used to generate the game. This one may be an excellent addition to the lineup of zombie games on Xbox Live Arcade, and considering the quality of its visuals and sounds, I believe it has a good chance of becoming a hit. You can examine out the alpha demo on your own by visiting the state website.

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