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Big Rumble Boxing

The Big Rumble Boxing game industry is certainly not an infant anymore when it comes to video games. The consoles have evolved a great deal since their humble beginnings and the games offered by companies like Electronic Arts; Nintendo; Sony and Microsoft have become more robust. Today’s boxing video games offer many features that you would only have dreamed of years ago. If you’re looking for an entertaining way to entertain yourself with an Xbox or a PlayStation; Big Rumble Boxing is the game for you.


Big Rumble Boxing

When you need to get a feel for how popular the concept of a big boxing video game actually is today; think of this. In the last seven years the PlayStation 4 has only been on store the less than three years. In that span of time three different boxing games have been developed for the platform. One of these is the highly acclaimed Big Rumble Boxing. For many people this is one of the must haves of any video game and it offers a free trial that is included with purchasing the PlayStation 4.

In the game players take on the roll of three iconic fighters – Big Rumble Boxing Champ; Shocker Stunlock; and Shocker Vader. There are different modes in which the player can choose to play including arcade mode which is a one vs one battle against the computer; versus mode which pits one boxer against another in a friendly match; and super attack mode which allows the player to perform brutal; unique attacks using a variety of weapons. Each fighter starts out at level one and after gaining a few upgrades throughout the game; they can move up to level two where they can perform even more advanced attacks and moves. Players can also learn some special moves and attacks from the Big Rumble Boxing Champions guide that was provided with the PlayStation 4.

The fighting mechanics in the game are exciting; involving a variety of special and combo moves that the characters can execute. It’s amazing just how well everything blends together. It would have been hard to make a fighting game feel this good when only a handful of characters were involved. The screen is filled with detailed 3D animated figures and faces and the special moves and combos are executed with flair. The best part of the entire game is the ability to create your own creed or team of fighters and pit them against each other in head to head competitions. This is another way Big Rumble Boxing breaks away from the traditional fighting video games.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

The Big Rumble Boxing community on the PlayStation Network has developed several dedicated forums where players discuss the game; build new relationships; and plan future strategies for competing in the Big Rumble Boxing tournaments. Each of the current Big Rumble Boxing champions received a tutorial video within the PlayStation Network marketplace. Each of the guides discussed varied combat techniques and provided tips for playing as the different champions. The Big Rumble Boxing manuals also detailed the different multiplayer modes that are available. Each of the four multiplayer modes allowed players to team up and pit their wits against each other to see who the true champion was.

There were only two modes in total for this release of the game. The player could choose between two distinct play styles by choosing between the “normal” and “free” play modes. In the “regular” play mode players could choose from either the Big Rumble Boxing champions or the various other fighters in the Big Rumble Boxing world. The “free” mode allowed the player to select any fighter they wanted to fight against a variety of opponents while in the “pro” mode the player took on the challenge of trying to defeat all the known Big Rumble Boxing champions.