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Bravely Default II

Bravely Default II game is an upcoming role playing video game developed by Grasshopper Manufacture and published by Square Enix. The game is developed around the concept of the Bravely Default series which became successful worldwide after its release. In Bravely Default II you take on the roll of a young boy who must rise up and become a brave warrior battling dragons and villains in the fantasy world. The game is notable for the excellent customization of its character; which gives each one of them distinct traits that set them apart from others.


Bravely Default II

The developers have improved on the original Bravely Default by adding some fresh and interesting concepts in the second installment. One such addition is the Job System in Bravely Default II. The job system in this game allows you to choose the type of fighting style that best suits your character. For example; you could pick the fighting style that increases your defense or lowers your Speed. The result is that you get a better balanced combination between your offensive and defensive capabilities in order to gain the edge in battles.

Another great idea in Bravely Default II comes in the form of the turn-based dungeon crawling. Players are taken through dungeons while battling enemy characters which are much like those found in other role-playing video games. In turn-based dungeons; you generally have limited time during which you can do battle. You will; however; have more chance to do so if you pause during battle to plan your actions. You are also able to pause at a specific time to exchange inventory between your characters.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

Another great feature of Bravely Default II is the implementation of a real time strategy element. This is not the same as in turn-based battles where you have to manually move your units around and take their orders. In turn-based battles; you have a limited number of minutes during which you can do anything. In this case; you have the opportunity to order your units to attack or to perform special abilities. These actions are; however; very costly and you cannot pause during battle to use them.

In comparison to the previous versions of Bravely Default; the graphics and the overall game play are much tighter. The story line; while not as deep; is still very engaging and captivating. The battle scenes are especially well done; offering detailed animation. The music is quite catchy and pleasing to the ears. The Nintendo Switch’s built-in internet browser is very easy to use.

The Nintendo Switch allows you to play Bravely Default II using the portable dock called the amazon voucher. This convenient accessory makes playing the game hassle free because it allows you to do battle on turn-based instead of real time. Although you still go through the standard battles; the battle system is not the same as in turn-based ones. The positive points of Bravely Default II outweigh the negative points. If you haven’t played the first game; then Bravely Default II is definitely for you.