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Bus Simulator 21

Bus Simulator 21 game is an online bus simulator video game developed by Stillalive Studios; and published by Astragon Entertainment for the Apple iOS. It is virtually identical to the old Bus Simulator games of the past; but it does have some unique features that set it apart from the rest. In fact; if you are not familiar with the series before; you owe it to yourself to check out Bus Simulator 21 as soon as you can! There is no doubt that once you get your free apple iOS device and try it out; you will never go back to the old series. It’s fun; innovative; and most of all; a very useful device.


Bus Simulator 21

The game Bus Simulator 21 gives the user the option of taking one of several buses to a number of destinations around the world. You can choose to use either diesel buses or luxury buses. Each bus has a different characteristic that will give it a distinct advantage when you are planning your routes in terms of traffic; budget and other factors. For example; the luxury buses have a wide selection of luxury amenities like a bar; TV; air conditioning; internet access and a mini-bar where you can freshen up while on the go.

When choosing which bus to drive in Bus Simulator 21; you are also able to select between two different kinds of simulation engines: Windows and Xbox. Windows bus simulator engine offers the very basic features; whereas Xbox one gives you a complete selection of amenities such as radio; mini-bar; DVD player; internet access; television; bar and more. Both Bus Simulator engines operate at the same smooth and realistic speed and allow you to enjoy unlimited number of trips along with custom settings. You can even drive your bus through tunnels and over bridges!

The game of Bus Simulator 21 features well-known manufacturers such as Ocelot/ Simulation Corporation; Real Edge; Total Control; Playmate; WMSolutions and plenty of others. Most of these bus simulator tools are compatible with Microsoft windows as well as other popular operating systems as well. If you are looking for a way to enjoy your holiday in New York City; you can even opt to drive the Big Apple using a bus simulator. What you need is to connect your X-Box one to a computer with an internet connection; and then start driving your customized bus right from the main menu!



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

The game of Bus Simulator 21 gives you the opportunity to choose from a huge variety of models. If you want to test your driving skills; there are some models with advanced features; which include anti-collision; obstacle avoidance; and the ability to parallel park. On the other hand; if you would like to transport passengers; you can select a bus simulator with a wide variety of seating options – including the famous trundles. And don’t forget to include the famous Manhattan skyline in your model train layout – a perfect landmark for any real city!

Along with all this; the bus simulator 21 also includes a number of useful features; including the ability to add up more stops; and to see what kind of traffic the bus will have to pass through before it takes off. This means that you can prepare ahead and work out what kind of load you should put on each stop. We also have a number of tour options in the bus simulator 21; such as taking you on a scenic tour around New York City; or to take you along to a number of important places in the Capital Region. And if you want to explore the entire state of New York; you can simply select New York State; New York City; or even a tour of the entire USA.