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The Benefits Of Taking Adrafinil

Adrafinil is a type of medication that promotes wakefulness while showcasing impressive nootropic properties. If used responsibly, Adrafinil is a great way for people to enhance their ability to conduct mentally demanding tasks. Adrafinil stimulates individuals by preventing fatigue, increasing energy levels and promoting wakefulness without causing negative side-effects such as anxiety, unlike other typical stimulants. Adrafinil is a prodrug i.e. a biologically inactive compound which upon ingestion becomes an active drug in the body of the consumer. When ingested, Adrafinil gets metabolized into modafinil, which is a stimulant that increases energy levels and wakefulness without causing negative side-effects such as hyperactivity and anxiety, typically associated with amphetamine stimulants. Adrafinil is unregulated and can be purchased legally in most countries, where people use it to enhance energy, fight fatigue and consider it a good cognitive enhancer. Below are other advantages of taking Adrafinil.

Arguably, the greatest reason why many people take Adrafinil, to begin with, is for its wakefulness promoting properties. Extensive research on Adrafinil indicates that it promotes locomotion and wakefulness particularly during periods when the research subjects would normally be asleep. Research also confirms that the wakefulness-promoting properties of Adrafinil are at par with amphetamine, with the added advantage of not triggering negative side-effects common with amphetamines such as hyperactivity, anxiety and elevated heart rate. People with sleep disorders can benefit from modafinil, as it is proven to be very effective in combating daytime sleepiness. According to a test conducted by the US Army, modafinil was shown to significantly diminish the effects of sleep deprivation in healthy subjects. Also, aviators that took modafinil during a 40-hour period without sleep had fewer problems with alertness and mood, were able to perform relatively demanding tasks and experienced lower slow-wave EEG activity.

In addition to increasing energy levels and promoting wakefulness, Adrafinil is effective at improving learning speed and overall an effective cognitive enhancer. All the tests that investigated the effect Adrafinil had on human cognition suggest that it has incredible nootropic potential.

Adrafinil is also regarded by many users as a powerful antidepressant. Studies conducted on animals revealed that Adrafinil contributes to significant improvement in neurodegenerative disorders and aging associated with depression. A study conducted on humans revealed that the antidepressant properties of Adrafinil were at par with clomipramine, a famous antidepressant, with the added advantage of less adverse psychological side-effects.

The active form of Adrafinil as very important neuroprotective effects, aiding brain cells to stay healthy and intact, and even slowing down the degenerative effects associated with Parkinson’s disease.

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