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Cris Tales 2021 Game Review

The video game Cris Tales 2021 is a game that was originally released for the Game Boy Advance platform. The game is a remake/port of the hit arcade game called Radikal. In this game, Travaganza joins forces with a vampire to kill everyone else that has become evil in his world.


Cris Tales Game

The critical response for the Cris Tales is well recieved.


The story of the game revolves around a young boy who has gotten lost in the woods. He was once saved by his foster family. However, they soon learn that their foster child has been kidnapped and taken to the evil demonic realm of Dr. Darkkan. Here, he becomes transformed into a monster, and he has to team up with some other evil creatures in order to save his life. The video game’s characters are called the “Zodiac”, “Mime” and” Cyborg”.


This is one of the earliest games that uses the first person shooter format. Other notable games that use the first person shooter format include Call of Duty and Counter-Strike. However, it should be noted that Travagant designed and developed his own version of the first person shooter game. His Cris Travaganza was the very first person shooter game that he ever developed and he used his background as a gamer to write a story for it.


This game is a first person shooter, wherein you have to get from one level to another. You can shoot enemies and run across rooftops. The player gets weapons and uses them in order to fight against the creatures. The levels become increasingly difficult and you will be faced with a series of puzzles and challenges in order to advance further into the game.


The game is played in third person view and Travagant designed it that way as well. However, the game also includes first-person view when you are controlling some of the weapons and attacking the opponents. The overall design of the game is outstanding. Cris Travagant has made use of a lot of different elements in his video games including bullets that fly, and enemies that shoot at you.



Technical Support

Some storage space might be needed for this video game.

There were times when Travagant was asked if he considered himself the best programmer in his family. He responded by saying that he wasn’t the best but he was close enough. When he was asked why he designed this particular game, he would simply say that it took him almost ten years to complete it. In fact, it took him nine years.

Cris Travagant first developed and played the game himself. He then decided to share his experience with others who wanted a game that was more challenging. He hoped that other people would find it interesting enough to play it themselves. As the result, he received a lot of feedback from people who loved his game and felt that he had done an excellent job.