Death's Door
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Death’s Door

Death’s Door is the latest video game from developer Impressions Gaming and based in San Francisco; California. Death’s Door is actually a first person role-playing video game based in an open world environment; using the Unreal Engine. You play the role of a malevolent character identified only as the Overseer; dispatched from the corporate headquarters to Earth to eradicate the human population. This mission will not be an easy task as the climate on Earth is highly inhospitable to human life.


Death’s Door Review

TheĀ  story behind the Death’s Door game revolves around the Overseer’s recurring dream that he can find and kill the latest target; a member of his squad. To achieve this; he sends his new recruit; newcomer Rachel; to the middle of a hostile desert landscape. Along her journey; she uncovers the secret that the family of the Overseer’s enemies are holding hostage. With help from a few locals; they manage to get their hands on the technology used to control the Overseers. In return for this valuable information; they agree to help Rachel and destroy the evil Dr. Isaacs.

But with the success of this mission comes one problem. Ancient evils attack again and the Overseer’s enemies use new high-tech weapons to bombard him from above and below. Will the gruff; hardcore veteran; Rachel; be able to survive the intense combat? How far will the relationship between her and the father figure; the Overseer? Is there any way to save the game from the dreaded finish?

This game certainly has its fans amongst video game enthusiasts. It has received numerous critical acclaims. This game certainly does not resemble any other first person shooter games that you may have played before. The controls take time to become accustomed to. In fact; some people may find themselves holding the DualShock one handed while using the DualShock four-player local multiplayer mode. This game is not as linear as you would expect from a first person shooter game.


Score & Verdict

For a lot of PC gamers; this game will probably provide more than what it offers. Although it is difficult to conclude if that’s true or not; the atmosphere of the game really is fantastic. It brings you right into the action; allowing you to enjoy the scenery and battle the bad guys right alongside your hero; who happens to be well hidden. This game definitely needs to be on the must buy list for anyone looking for a new video game.

So you’ve got an opinion about the Death’s Door review. Does it pique your interest? If so; then you’ve definitely come to the right place to read our review on the game. Get started right now and read our Death’s Door review. This game just might put a big smile on your face.