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Dragon Quest Builders 2 XBOX in Limbo

Dragon Quest Builders 2 video game was an amazing game and will be one of the best games on the Xbox. Unfortunately it’s been rather dormant in the gaming community. This is unfortunate because this game had some really great features and the remake is coming to the Xbox very soon. So why should you get the new version? Well for starters, the game has just about everything that made it a great game in the first place. There are new areas to explore, items to collect, monsters to fight, and of course the quests to do.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is going to be a much bigger game than its predecessor. The good thing is that the developers from publisher Chunsoft made sure that they added a lot more content into the game. For example, you’ll have the option of choosing between two different races – humans or animals. This means that not only will your character be different but the items they carry will also be different as well. It’s definitely something to look forward to.

The combat system has also been upgraded. It used to be pretty boring and uninteresting, but now it feels more responsive and realistic. You can block, Dodge, and attack using the controller, giving the action a more 3rd person perspective than the original. The fighting is also improved in other ways too. You can now break down opponents and throw them into pits, making the action feels even more intense.

And what about the characters? They’re all more animated now. There’s now a pirate captain, a dark mage, and a knight that are really detailed. Each of them has their own weapons, skills, and abilities, making them seem more personality.

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The graphics have also been updated. The walls and floors of dungeons have been remade, and the actors have been given lifelike expressions. The facial expressions are particularly good, as the game seems to take itself even more seriously than its predecessors. It’s obvious that everyone involved, from the director to the programmers to the artists, did a great job.

Another thing I really like is the new flying capabilities. The game allows you to fly at certain times of the game. There are certain trees you can crash into, and there are monsters you can destroy. If you want to go underwater, you just dive down. You can also dive back out, if you want to.