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Encased game is not unusual in the PC gaming niche for an encased game to be an “old-school” RPG (meaning; old school for PC meaning the game has been around for a long time); but very strange as it attempts to be something it is not. This is true with the game called Encased. Encased is actually a first person shooter (FPS) game set in an alternate version of medieval Europe during the dark ages. You play the role of one Gabriel. Gabriel is just a average guy; working at a factory as a translator; when his boss sends him on a very important mission. On this “mission;” Gabriel gets to save his friend Peter; who is also a translator; and is presumed to still be part of the enemy force.



Your mission is to protect Peter from harm; as well as preventing his death. I don’t want to give too much away; as the storyline is full of intrigue and turns out to be more complex than you might have thought at first glance. I also don’t want to give too much away about the isometric perspective of the game. This is a classic fallout isometric PC game; and I think many people who haven’t played fallout games will have a great time with this one.

In isometric role-playing games; you are required to turn your PC around to target your enemies and attack them. This is done by moving your cursor around the screen and targeting enemies. The difference between Encased and many other fallout video games is that you will not be attacking your enemies using a keyboard.

The story in Encased revolves around a man named Paul; who is found frozen and presumed dead after an explosion. He then wakes up inside a domed facility called Encased; where he has a brain Upload and has trouble remembering things. After some time; he starts to remember bits and pieces; and starts to become uneasy about his current circumstances. Soon enough; he decides to join one of two factions; one of the domed beings; and one of the human factions; fighting for control of the facility.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

Two of the human factions in Encased are the Uglies; who are on the run and looking for supplies; and the NCR Rangers; who are trying to hold off the domed beings. In the middle of the game you have to decide which faction you wish to be part of; and choose your character. One of the characters in Encased is the Courier; who is sent to the facility to deliver a package; and has to fight through the grunts and troops of the NCR and the Crone. The Courier’s goal is to deliver the package safely; but they also have to fight their way out of the dome and into the main room where the humans and the Crone are holding their meeting.

Playing as the Courier; your objective is not to simply shoot at the enemies as they enter the dome; or the enemies that are already there. Rather; your goal should be to ensure that your objective is accomplished before the other factions do; which will require a lot of turns-based combat. Combat is turn-based; which means you’ll move your character ( cursor) to a combat stance; choose an attack; and wait to see what the enemy will do. Although there aren’t any real weapons in Encased; combat can get pretty nasty if you don’t know what you’re doing; so I suggest playing the game with a friend. Otherwise; you might want to start the game with just a few objectives in mind and work up from there.