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Ender Lilies PS5 Review

There has been some buzz surrounding Ender Lilies Game, a new video game coming from the makers of Sonic and Mario. It’s been received well by those that have played it. I gave it a fair try and was pleasantly surprised by its graphics and gameplay. Here is my Ender’s Game PlayStation 5 Game Review.


Ender Lilies Game

The critical response for the Ender Lilies is well recieved.


The premise behind the game is that the Earth is now under threat from a deadly menace called the Ender Crystals. As an alternative to getting killed by these monsters, you have to help the military to defend Earth against them. You play as Ender, a young boy who survived his family’s death and has been transformed into a warrior-like robot. He must save Earth from the evil presence of the Enderlings and learn to control his emotion in order to kill his enemies.


There are three different classes you can choose to play as in the game. Each one will have its own special weapon and make you fight differently. When I first started playing, I fought with my fists. Eventually, I discovered a light-based weapon that could be used to perform quick attacks. I also found that using this weapon in conjunction with another allowed me to charge up and release a powerful attack that could easily take out multiple enemies.


In this game, you will use Ender Crystals to power up your main weapons such as the fists, sword, hammer, or any other items you have. I especially like using the fists because they come in handy when fighting a group of enemies. In addition, there are also several hidden items you can pick up throughout the game that give you a lot of extra health and can help recover from status effects that your enemies may inflict on you. These hidden items can also be used to fight faster.



Technical Support

Some storage space might be needed for this video game.


The combat in the game is similar to other first-person shooter games in that you need to find a weak target and eliminate it with powerful attacks. Occasionally, the game will have you searching for a weak item to power up your main weapon. You will run into enemies as well. At the beginning of the game, there will be an entire cave full of enemies that are easily killed. As you advance through the game, more enemies will show up along the way, but they are not as difficult to take down as the caves.


The graphics in the game look amazing. Details are crisp and there is no visible seam on the lilies. It would have been especially impressive to see petals of Ender Lily floating in the air during battle. This game looks to have great production values so it is definitely a fun toy to play with.