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    Facebook emoticons brings to you a sea of chances to improvise your chat online. It is not always about the integrity of words that can solely convey your message to your friend. Insertion of Facebook emoticons and emoticons can bring about a great change. A emoticon can change the pulse of your feeling by being more specific.

    “Say cheese” is a common saying when you are posing for the camera with a smiling face. Write ‘say cheese’ in between your conversation and you will see the difference that makes to your interaction with your partner. You will love the spark that ‘say cheese’ will bring to your friend’s face when you are chatting. Yes, a emoticon can work wonder and equally the ‘say cheese’ words can catch on the mood and wrap you in a happy mood.

    The significance is that when you ‘say cheese’ your lips extend on both sides and you feel that you are smiling. It has the power to patch up an old fight and bring happiness to a relationship. It is the moment for click and when it simply frames the moment with that big flash of smile on your face.

    Facebook Smiley: Confused or Unsure

    When you are chatting with your friend and you cannot understand something then there is no need for you to write a whole page about what you really cannot understand. Just send in the confused smiley and see the reaction. Facebook smiley can work wonders if you know how to make use of them. The unsure and confused Facebook smiley are the best way to express your confusing mind. If you are not sure how to react to a certain thing that your friend has said, then you must insert the unsure smiley to make the message clear to your friends.

    Facebook smileys are a bunch of facial expression that has been designed specially to enable conversation and spice it up to extend your friendship on a different platter with more enthusiasm and spice in it. Sometimes, when you are writing in words, it has no spark or mystery in it. Therefore, the Facebook chat emoticons are the special way to express beyond words. It reaches out to your friends with a new style and definition that enables you express better. Unsure and confused smileys are specially used to help those instances when you are not sure what to say to your friends.

    Smileys for Facebook Chat: Devil or Angel

    Speaking of Facebook smileys, these are the rage amongst online buffs who love to be connected by more than just words. Sharing pictures, videos, audios are now common across the Internet, but when you are engaged in a conversation online, you are limited with options. In an attempt to make it interesting Facebook introduced the list of smileys. The list is so long that it goes beyond just the facial expression.

    There are many Facebook emoticon that have been customized but some are more interesting and do wonders. These two Facebook smiley sare contradictory in meaning, like the Devil or Angel and can be used in at the same sentence. The Devil represents the bad or evil side. To make someone believe that how bad you can really get you send in the devil. It projects the negative shadow in you but then again you can send in the Angel, if you want to make believe that you are very innocent and pure. Facebook chat smileys do it all.

    Suppose you want to make someone believe that you can be very bad if you are messed with and you use the Devil. But in actuality you are very good and pure and so you use the Angel. The opposite meanings are signaled in the same sentence. Hence, when the contradictions are easy to create then send the Facebook smileys instead of writing.

    Hottie Emoticons are the Sunglasses and Hearts

    If you want to be hot yet classy, Facebook emoticons can help you do both. Do you think you can get to that with just words? No. The insertion of some trendy Facebook emoticons can take off your conversation to a new horizon. The sunglasses are about style and fashion. You cannot define your style statement through words. You need to insert the sunglasses that are in style with the modern day.

    You can have your own style statement with the sunglasses. It shows how happening you are and how trendy you can be. The sunglasses look chic and it determines your persona. You throw a contemporary look and the style is captured. You will love the hot emoticons that has the power to make you feel good about yourself.

    The Heart is a Facebook emoticon for those who would love to express things in style of love. The Hearts have their own power to engulf you with the magic of that red color and beat you will want to see. It helps you to share your love and unite than stray. The Facebook chat emoticons are the order of the day. Follow them to take your conversation to a magical spell and indulge in it.

    Common Facebook Chat Smiley Codes

    Facebook chat smileys are now common while you are writing. It is like advancing your conversation further and helping you to get involved into a rollicking chat. Online chats are now more interesting with the Facebook smileys and emoticons doing their rounds.

    You will to use them when you have the access to them. Facebook allows you to have access to a list of smileys that enable conversation. Talking to friends can be interesting. But a little mystery mixed with your knowing a person or talking with someone you already know is interesting. It helps in spicing up conversation.

    The common Facebook chat smileys include the smile itself, which is used at every end of sentence to send a simple smile to feel good about. The grin is better used and creates a deeper place on minds. The gasp, confused and tongue are also commonly used. You will love to use the tongue that has mischief and fun mixed to it.

    The wink is another on the list with magic to it. It shows the naughty nature of you and you don’t mind to pull the leg. It is true that the Facebook chat smileys are a great way to reconcile with friends or make new best friends.

    Facebook IM Emoticons: Crying and Sad Face

    You will not want to talk when you are feeling sad. Therefore in conditions of melancholy it is better to write less and express more. Use Facebook IM emoticons to express yourself. When you are narrating a sad story and want to express the plight you will not want to say more, instead you will want to express. Expressions are more clear than words. Your friends will understand exactly what you want to say.

    The crying or the sad face emoticons show how sorrowful you are. Suppose your dog is unwell and you are sharing the plight with your friend, then you send them a sad or teary emoticon. Your friend will realize your thoughts and feel sad too. The Facebook emoticons have been customized in a way to replicate the human faces and how they change at times of emotions.

    Facebook chat emoticons are best to get your message across. It is the facial expression that emotes better. When you are at loss for the right words, the expressions take off with the right meaning. You will enjoy how your chat is resulting into interesting conversation. Facebook emoticon hold wonders that are to be unleashed with the right application. Make things simpler yet definite with the Facebook emoticons.

    Facebook Chat Smileys | Gasp and Upset Emoticons

    A worried or tense feeling is hard to express in words so use Facebook emoticon. You may not want to exaggerate your feelings in words when you are worried. Therefore, the best thing to do is insert smileys that can express better. Gasp and upset are the two common Facebook smileys.

    When you are surprised with tension you gasp and also get very upset. You will prefer to express the facial expression. The gasp and upset facials are easy to insert in between conversation and make the other realize that you are tensed and you need an explanation. For instances suppose you hear that your hand broke and you suffered a very bad fall from only a stool, the reaction is gasp and when you hear that your friend is worried about the rain next day which can pose as a threat to her holidaying, then you are upset.

    The reasons can be serious and if you think that words can complicate, then the Facebook chat smileys are to be accessed Facebook smileys are the most famous since the options are wide. The Facebook emoticon are the best when it comes to expressing your mind. You will want to use them to simplify chats.

    Head Scratch Facebook Chat Sticker

    Head Scratch

    Has a friend just sent you a message that just leaves you wondering what in the world they are trying to say? If that is the case, make sure to send them this Head Scratch Facebook Chat Sticker, as it will really show what you are doing at the moment, trying to decipher exactly what they are trying to say to you. This is a great sticker as it really does show what it feels like when you are confused by a statement made by a friend.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat

    Facebook Emoticons: Putnam and Pacman

    The different social networking sites have a flurry of scopes for you to make use of the emoticons in between chats to cook up an interesting conversation. Facebook emoticons or emoticons are the facial expression that emotes anger, frustration, sad, happiness, mischief and so on. But Facebook reaches beyond the list with Putnam and Pacman that carry faces of real people or of famous icons.

    Chris Putnam is the iconic figure behind the designing of the Facebook. His contribution to the chat world is phenomenal. Hence, Chris Putnam emoticon of emoticons has the real person’s face and when you are inserting it you take your conversation to a new height. The statement you are trying to make and the image that you want to convey is represented by the face of Chris Putman.

    Pacman is the yellow famous game character. The world of gizmos and tech-world owes thanks to him for his astounding ability to color up the Pacman game. He is raging with popularity in Facebook and his use make kids jump with joy. Pacman gives the same fun and interest that kids used to love. Facebook emoticons are the best and therefore when you use the Facebook emoticon you will love the way your conversation shapes up.

    Small Smile Chat Sticker

    Small Smile

    At times it is really hard to express what you are truly feeling, especially when you are talking to someone on Facebook Messenger. If they tell you a joke the common reaction is to send them “lol” or “lmao”. Well at times wouldn’t it be better to send them over a sly smile? If that is the case then please make use of this brand new Small Smile Chat Sticker. They will enjoy seeing this chat sticker on their screen, as it means you put a little more effort in your reply than the normal replies people receive.

    Send Sticker In Facebook Chat
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