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Ghost of Tsushima Review

Ghost of Tsushima game, generally known as Greece: The sunken Colony may be the follow up to the favorite game Spirit Fleet. In contrast to its predecessors, this game isn’t a visual treat for several ages and requires the assistance of a few friends to enjoy a great time on the console. In contrast to its predecessor, the graphics and sound are first class. However, this does not detract from the actual playability of the game. Several minor complaints exist that not impact the enjoyment level. They are solely minor annoyances that do not detract from the overall game play.


Ghost of Tsushima

A large majority of the overall game takes place on a single island. You will see a map of the island all the time and see where all the player’s ships can be found. Once an enemy vessel approaches your position, you must determine how quickly you wish to attack it. If you want to remain hidden and not take part in battle, you can use enough time you have before it appears to the board with the foe. However, if you want to take action, you must take part in battle and destroy everything on the screen.

There are two difficulties to the overall game. You can play through the entire thing on Easy mode. This can result in a shortened time period during which you will be recovering your resources and finding your way through your next move. On the other hand, it is possible to play on Normal mode. With this particular set up, you will be dealing with waves of enemies throughout the game.

The graphics are colorful and the sounds are fitting of the series. Unfortunately, there’s very little interface elements to the game, also it could be a bit confusing to maneuver through some of the more difficult levels. However, once you have been through a few levels, you will discover yourself seeking out help for many of the challenges you encounter.

Although Ghost of Tsushima has its share of enemies to fight and puzzles to resolve, the real challenge originates from within the game itself. You need to build your character up from the ground upwards before selecting your attacks and abilities. Each of the attacks is interwoven with completing puzzles, which further increase your level of accomplishment as you fight through the game.



When you go back to the island, you discover that the weather has changed. Tsunami has appeared and threatens to wipe out the remaining human population. If you wish to save your friends, you must work together to understand to fight the destruction of the island. Your attack moves are simple but should be powerful enough to destroy large numbers of enemies as well.

You begin by selecting one of the various playable characters that make up the island. Included in these are Katsu, who can transform right into a robot and swim through the ocean; Hit, who can shoot balls of electricity; Ritsu, who is able to use a shield called the Megaphone to deflect bullets; and Hiaka, who is able to work with a knife to slice enemies. Using these characters correctly, will boost your capability to progress through the levels. The game takes place about the same island called Tsushima, where there are multiple islands designated to the series’ installments.

When you first fire an arrow or shot, it will register instantly in-game. This implies you can easily get a feel for how each weapon works, enabling you to adjust your personal strategies on the fly as you feel the game. There are many video game reviews on the market that highlight this facet of Ghost of Tsushima. If you’re searching for a challenging action-adventure game where you get to save the world, you definitely should browse the Ghost of Tsushima series.

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