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Godfall is action-packed; high stakes; cyber-action role playing video game developed by Counterplay Games and released by Gearbox Publishing. The game is releasing on Microsoft Windows; PlayStation 4; and Xbox Live Arcade on November 13; 2021. Godfall features the return of old characters from the canceled Godfall: The Alien Unleashed video game. However; this time around; they have become warped and powerful creatures called the Fallen. Players will find themselves in a dark futuristic world; when the world is invaded by aliens. A single action-filled round takes more than 60 minutes; with each round divided up into two to four missions.



Each mission has its own objective; which ranges from protecting the humans in the city to stopping the invasion of the Xenon. The combat in Godfall feels like a video game combat; with the player always being informed about what is going on at every turn. The combat missions can be played in two ways; with each mission coming with a pre-determined level that progresses as you complete it. The endgame; which is also part of the campaign; involves a final boss fight against an enemy called the Eidolon. Eidolon moves very fast; allowing the player to get up close for attacks on his vulnerable midsection. It also has plenty of shields and guns that must be destroyed before it is killed.

Unlike the first Godfall game; Godfall: Epsilion has a much more believable plot. The story revolves around a young girl; Amber; who finds herself stranded deep within the clouds after her plane crashes. There; she learns about the existence of gods; beings with supernatural powers who have been sealed away from the world for centuries. When she awakens; she discovers she has magical powers and that she has been chosen to be one of these powerful beings; along with her cousin; Thanos; who has the ability to see the future.

Unfortunately; Amber’s awakening also attracts a number of hostile creatures from above the clouds who wish to attack the couple. If you’re going to play godfall on ps5; you’ll definitely want to avoid the open-loops where you simply have to move the camera to look at an object and then move the mouse to attack. They are incredibly time-consuming and can leave you feeling frustrated and less than inspired while fighting monsters. This is one of the major weaknesses of godfall: on ps5; your attacks will be less powerful than in other Rpgs. You won’t feel like you’re progressing as quickly as you would in a proper action RPG. It’s just not natural; which takes away from the immersion factor.


Bug Patches

The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

Fortunately; godfall comes with an excellent tutorial system that will teach you the ins and outs of combat; the leveling system; and even the different character classes; all of which are essential components of an enjoyable game. The tutorial gives you all the information you need to become familiar with the basics of the game; from buying weapons; to talking to guards and merchants; to finding weak spots on opponents and the like. The tutorial also explains the weak storyline angle and why it’s important to finish all of the quests before you take on waves of enemies in the open-loops. You’ll probably figure out the true nature of the game pretty quickly; but the tutorial makes finishing the quests extremely easy.

The story is also a bit thin; but it’s part of the game; so it doesn’t really affect gameplay. In my opinion; the weak storyline and minimal side quests were two of the highlights of the game. You’ll get your fill of shooting; hacking; and melee as you fight through the hordes of mindless insects and books that try to stop you from reaching your objective. The combat is hack-and-slash at its best; and I loved it. Godfall is definitely one of the more interesting action RPGs out there today.