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Golf Club Wasteland

If you happen to be one of the many people who enjoy playing a good game of golf; but don’t have any golf clubs to practice with; or have no time to hit the links; then you are a true Golf Club Wasteland Game. There are two things in this world that can solve that problem; and help you become that much better at the game we all love: Practice and Video Games. Video Games are great; and everyone should have at least one to two to three to get their fix of fun and entertainment. For instance; if you are looking to improve your skills as a better player; you might try a few different Golf Club Wastelands to get the ball rolling.


Golf Club Wasteland

The first thing you can do is to find and complete one of the challenges found within the Golf Club Wasteland. There is a gigantic sign that says “Welcome To The Golf Club Wastelands!” This message will appear every time you start a new level; and it will provide you with the objective of this particular challenge. Upon completion of this challenge; the message will disappear; so make sure to return and try again!

There is also a very minor glitch involving one of the audio files inside the game. Although it’s not too significant; I wanted to point it out because it really bugged me when using my computer. You will notice that occasionally you will hear a female voice saying something along the lines of “We are entering the Golf Course Wastelands!” When you have finished hearing this line; the Female Voice will say “Good luck; Dennis!” After this; however; the Female Voice will just say “I’ll see you on the green!”

The other main part of the Golf Club Wastelands challenge is the storyline. There is a small story mode where you can get some history about each character found in the game; and the events that were experienced by each of them during their adventure through the game. Some of the events that you will be presented with include: Dennis flying across the sky in a hot air balloon; Mike having a heart attack; and finally; Mac getting his heart torn out by a huge insect. In addition; you can jump into the Art book portion of the game in which you will find lots of different drawings from all the characters.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

Overall; I really enjoyed this video games overall; even though I think the storyline could have been a bit more interesting. The graphics and sounds are what make this game very fun to play; and I’m glad that there is an option for online play. I also really liked the various forms of entertainment that are included in this game. It’s not your typical sports game; but a bit of a mad-dash to the finish.

Golf Club Wastelands is available for the Xbox and GameCube; and the prices start at about forty dollars US. I wouldn’t really recommend it if you are looking for a great sports game; but if you enjoy a humorous game with some awesome graphics; then you should definitely play Golf Club Wastelands. It’s a fun game with many options; and if you are an avid golfer; it can keep you on your toes while on your golf course. All in all; I’d say that this is a fun video game to play that will entertain many people.