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If you love fantasy; mythology; or just a good time beating down enemies; then you’re certainly familiar with Hades. In the world of Mythology; Hades is often depicted as a being that transcends both death and life. The being that rules the realm of the dead; of the buried dead; of the afterlife. This is a personification of the pits where souls go to after their mortal lives come to an end. For some fans; this means a chance to return as a powerful and immortal being – and to play again and see if they can survive the trials of their resurrection.



For others; it’s a chance to escape the harsh reality of the world we live in. In the world of the video game; Hades is a rogue-like action-adventure dungeon crawler video game designed and created by Supergiant Games. It was originally released for Microsoft Windows; macOS; And Nintendo Switch on September 17th; 2021; followed by an Early Access release in November of the same year. Like many other popular indie games; it was recently delayed until it received an update that added “unlimited Runescape accounts” and gave players an exclusive title.

In my Hades review; I will take a closer look at the game’s narrative and gameplay. Although this game is not as long as some of the Telltale style titles; it is still fairly long; with more than enough game play for you to interact with and master; without feeling rushed. If you enjoy the narrative elements of a video game; but would like to see more adventure along with those narrative beats; then this is the game for you.

As far as the game itself goes; it starts with the narration introducing you to the world of Hades; where gods are fighting to stop a being that seeks to overthrow them and take control of the heavens. You play as Hades; who is a member of the team called the Golden Army that works to help and protect the humans and animals of Hades. You can tackle all types of puzzles and battles; using weapons and tactics to eventually reach the final boss fight. Although it is not much of a traditional roguelike; there is enough here to keep you interested; especially considering the limited release early access and purchase of the game.


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The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

The story told through the narrative in the Hades Review is quite intriguing; although there is still quite a bit that I want to discover regarding the game’s story and gameplay. There are hints given through conversations with various characters throughout the game that further enliven the narrative and further enhance your understanding of the world of Hades. For example; when talking to one of your deceased comrades; you learn that he was a criminal who served time for his crimes but was allowed to live free once again because of his powerful magic. This provides some necessary background information about why the government allowed him to live and work so freely; but also raises questions about the nature of magic in the world of Hades. It will be interesting to learn more about this intriguing concept as the game progresses.

With that said; Hades is a fairly simple game in comparison to some of the more recent titles that strive to provide complexity with every level. The action is quite fast paced; and there are quite a few enemies that you must avoid or beat. As you progress through the game; you will find out more about Hades and how he became what he is today. As previously mentioned; there is very little content left to explore; but that does not mean that this game lacks any content at all. Hades features great visuals and sound effects; along with an attractive interface that makes it easy for you to pick up and start playing right away.