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Hood: Outlaws & Legends Gameplay

Hood: Outlaws & Legends Video Games, created by Grass Seed Games is an interesting, if unlikely, mixture of luck and skill, as the players take on the roll of a medieval kingpin.

If you love to play turn-based role-playing games but find that they often have a rather limited palette of options, then Hood might be right up your street. It’s all about the combat, and what better way to show off your fighting skills than with a top-down perspective? For a game that’s both intriguing and well-made, Hood looks set to be one of those rare finds that will become mainstream game hits.


Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Hood: Outlaws & Legends owe its inspiration upon the “Kingdom of Earth” series of MMORPGs.

In contrast to those games which feature an entirely different genre based upon medieval times (RPG’s), Hood draws upon a much older source material. Despite this, it manages to create a sense of modernity and that’s thanks to the game’s well-done and distinctive stealth mechanic; where players can seamlessly hide themselves from their opponents in order to strike fear into their hearts (and theirs, hopefully). To put it simply, you can’t allow your opponents to take your gold.

The basis of Hood: Outlaws & Legends, like any great multiplayer browser game, is exploration. Your goal is to explore the various regions of the kingdom of Arth; and do all that you can to amass the highest possible score, as well as the best loot in the process. The stealth mechanic allows you to seamlessly sneak up on your opponents. Causing them to panic as your attacks come down or performing tasks such; as picking locks and riddles which are meant to be solved by talking with guards. Additionally, there are also a number of challenges which are designed to make you think quick while you fight your way; through waves of enemy NPCs and eventually progress to the throne of King Damon. It’s a great way to improve your survival skills in the World of Warcraft.

One of the main features of Hood: Outlaws & Legends, in particular, is that you have the opportunity to recruit a substantial number of outlaws to your crew. Every player starts with a single band of outlaws, and as you progress through the game, you can acquire more. These outlaws consist of two types: normal guards and enemy fighters that automatically engage your opponents in combat. The combat can include melee attacks and spells, and can take one of several forms.


Steam Version Soon

As the video game progresses, more hooded outlaws & legends will join your group.

This will allow you to increase your statistics in several areas. You can raise the likelihood of finding rare items and can acquire new powers and abilities for use during combats. There are also several other benefits to playing as an outlaw in this multiplayer online role-playing game.

If you want to learn more about Hood: Outlaws & Legends, then check out its new trailer. The video shows off some of the key features of the game; as well as showing off the different environments that players will be able to explore. Check out the video at YouTube below. In addition to the new trailer, Hood: Outlaws & Legends include some new screenshots from earlier episodes, as well as the overview of the upcoming fourth season. The latest episode features an ancient enemy, the Lich King, and promises even more action; as gamers continue to battle it out for the throne of King Damon.

In the latest trailer, we also get a look at the two teams of Hood: Outlaws & Legends, which consist of two groups of gamers battling each other for the ownership of the fictional town of Iron Island.

The Hood: Outlaws & Legends PVPve Chronicles are coming soon, so you better start practicing your aiming and stealth skills now. If you are looking for something new to play in the world of multiplayer games, then Hood: Outlaws & Legends should be added to your gaming collection. The graphics and the storyline are worth your time!