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Icarus is a game with a futuristic setting. From scorching desert air to cruel wild animals and game-changing weather conditions; Icarus is quite a harsh planet with an unforgiving attitude. Planning and preparation are what make the journey worth it. Whether it s to get a reliable source of food; stalk prey or prepare for a long trek into the wild wilderness.



The player takes control of a character in this video game which is assigned to explore and survive in the hostile wilderness of icarus. The only way to achieve this is to develop the character through a series of introductory missions where they learn about the terrain and basic gameplay features. A unique and interesting sci-fi theme is used to set the background of this top-down shooter. The storyline depicts a man’s gradual possession of an alien artifact which imparts special powers to him.

Other interesting characters and landscapes also form part of the gameplay. The player can find an array of weapons and armors to use against their enemies and other elements such as dangerous terrain and creatures. The overall goal of the game is to collect all the objects of science fiction nature within the limited time frame and make their way to the next level; where they face an enemy who may be stronger than they are.

A slow-mo version of the main feature though can be viewed in video trailers. The slow-mo mode allows the player to view the action from an alien perspective thus depicting an intense combat scenario. The player can switch between viewpoints by moving the camera or by using keyboard controls. Some missions are better designed with the help of a joystick; whereas others need more precise movements.


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The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

The main storyline revolves around a stranded pilot who crash landed on the icy planet Icy. The icy planet has no permanent inhabitant and has only life deep under the ice. He then discovers an occupant trapped inside; who has managed to survive due to some sort of device. This alien then gives the pilot the power to control objects using thought. In doing so; he must race against time to reach the city of Acapulco where the remaining occupant lives.

Icy Planet’s story is not too complicated. However; there are two excellent elements present in the game which makes the game worth playing. These two elements are the exploration element and the fighting element. Combined with the excellent graphics and sound; the alien simulator game called Icy Planet is one of the best-looking games available for PC right now.