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Kraken Academy

Kraken Academy game is an exciting melting pot of strange characters. At the Music Club only you’ll find lead singer and ex-bassist, Vladimir,who struggles with holding back his goofy vocalists; super cool bassist, Simona, who wants to be the best; and beautiful girl, Broccoli, who wants to be the baddest bad girl on the block. With these four girls, you get the makings of a party. And with the games they make, it becomes more of a celebration. For instance, if you fail in an argument with Simona or fail to get your line across to Broccoli, you lose points. But then, if you win an argument with them, you earn bonus points.


Kraken Academy

The Kraken Academy art department is where the real magic happens. In my first few games as the game’s story-arc guide, I got so caught up in thinking up interesting concepts that I nearly forgot the role of the art department. The same is true of my fifth game as I had forgotten about the art department and resorted to asking other players (some of whom were in the cultist group) for ideas. A couple of my friends came up with a really cool concept involving ordinary high school students who, through an experimental science project, wind up attracting supernatural beings instead. So now, instead of collecting light bulbs, I now collect light bulbs filled with cultists.

Now, with all the crazy ideas that bubbled to mind, it became obvious that the whole reason why the cultists meet at the kraken academy was to practice battling supernatural beings. I immediately began to think up ways in which to incorporate fighting into my game (which is one thing I was very disinterested in prior to this point). And that’s exactly what I did. I made the normal school fights from the kraken academy series into contests between the good and evil forces.

It was then that I remembered about the ” welcomes to kraken academy, a technicolor fever dream that for legal reasons can only be described as” quote. I knew this would make for an awesome combatant theme for my next game, so I decided to translate this quote into some words and make use of them to create a background for the combat encounters that the characters in my game would have to face. After all, the characters would be fighting against enemies who are very similar to the monsters from the fantasy novel, A Dream Within a Dream. Plus, it would make for a good premise for an introductory battle sequence. It certainly wouldn’t hurt if I added a bit of magic along the way; although, that may be considered over the top and much unnecessary in a game where combat is the main theme.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

Now, my next game is about to be set in Hawaii and it involves all sorts of sailing adventures, tropical island getaways and monster hunting; it’s going to be quite a fun one. The new setting is going to provide a whole slew of opportunities for my characters to make new friends, including my long lost son, Michael. He’s been waiting for me to come back to the land down under and join him in his new adventure as a nautical son. He’s just the kind of kid who would be thrilled to learn a few sailor skills from an instructor in the magical kraken academy, isn’t he?