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Lake 2021 game:  From Netherlands-based developers and publisher Whitethorn Games; now-retired game designer Remedy – a first-person adventure game about a girl called Stephanie who finds herself trapped in the center of an ocean surrounded by strange; recurring nightmares – is a quiet; relaxing jaunt introducing an interesting heroine to the world of role-playing. It has a promising story; too; that if you can deal with the graphics; will keep you hooked on your PC for hours. You play Stephanie; a young woman from Oakville; Oregon whose life has been touched by a strange; supernatural event. She wakes up one morning in a room that’s strewn with stuffed animals and finds herself floating helplessly atop a large; green lake; apparently dead.



You; the heroine; find yourself in this surreal place thanks to some magical Lake forces that have apparently planted you here with no means of escape. You’ll have to find out why these creatures are stuck in your hometown; as well as why there are seemingly supernatural beings all around you and leading to an unknown goal. As you discover more about this locale; you find yourself gaining more knowledge about Stephanie’s situation and the surrounding area as well. You’ll be driving around; delivering mail; solving puzzles; and going through missions as you try to complete the game. The environments are well designed and the driving scenes are well animated but I think the fact that you’re in a small; insignificant town will always take a back seat to the main plot.

Like I said; the storyline is minimalistic; focusing on the fact that Stephanie must find out what’s causing the gelatinous cube to leak from her mother’s pocket onto the lake floor; and then deliver it back to her homeland. This task requires her to explore her hometown; visiting and interacting with residents of both the real world and the imaginary one she lives in; while also dealing with strange occurrences. Puzzles and tasks are often created by you the hero; and help you along your journey to uncover the mystery of the gelatinous cube and learn why it’s been appearing on the lake in the first place. Although; like I said; the plot is rather simplistic; the two weeks’ worth of play is enough to provide you with enough entertainment to make up for those few less involved gameplay sessions.

The puzzles are fun because they require you to think logically about how to solve each puzzle without harming or damaging any of the objects you need to collect. Unlike many other puzzle games; in Lake Omokor; your success is only measured by how well you plan your moves ahead of time; and by how well you remember the patterns your boat will cross. In these two weeks; I managed to clear all five levels within 20 minutes.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

This is not a big city adventure game; but rather one that deals with some heavy emotions; namely loss; identity crises; secrets; identity theft; and unfinished business. It’s set in modern day California and offers you the option to travel from your hometown to the lake and back again; completing different quests and missions along the way. Although; the graphics and audio are not exceptionally groundbreaking; I still find them a bit slow when trying to load up a map or view certain objects; but other than that; the visuals and audio are fairly standard for an iPhone game.

Like other adventure games; Lake Omokor offers a free trial period. During this period; you can download the entire game for free before making the decision to purchase it. If you like what you see; you can buy the game using your credit card. The trial offers you the ability to experience Lake Omokor and all its features without having to fork out any money; which is pretty amazing considering that most video games offer you a certain amount of money just to be able to download the video game. There is also no need to sign up for any additional services or subscriptions as well. Simply use your existing account to log into the game and start enjoying it.