Last Stop
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Last Stop

Last Stop 2021 is a fighting video game developed by Polar Motion that puts you into the role of Remy; a young streetwise hustler; who finds himself in possession of the ultimate martial arts weapon; the Dragon Rage. The Dragon Rage was forged in the fires of combat; and its mysterious power has the potential to wipe the floor with enemies and friends alike; if you are able to learn how to control it in order to unleash its full potential. Last Stop review will examine whether or not this game is worth your time. We are going to take a quick look at some of the negatives of this release; as well as give a brief overview of the positives. After reading this article you should have a better understanding of the positives Last Stop has to offer.


Last Stop

First; let’s discuss why the game is so unique and different compared to other fighting titles currently on the market. It features a high level of customization; where your fighter can dress as he wishes. Your wardrobe and facial expressions can be completely changed; giving you a truly personalized experience when playing Last Stop. If you are looking for an enhanced; interactive and highly customizable fighting experience; then definitely check out Last Stop.

Second; Last Stop also features an all new fighting system that is designed to give hardcore gamers the most incredible combat possible. If you are tired of button tapping and moving around the keyboard to get a feel of the game’s overall system; then this is definitely not the game for you. However; if you are one of those people who loves to customize their fighting experience every day; then this is the game for you.

Last Stop also features a great online community. If you like hanging out with other players and discussing strategies and techniques; then you are going to love Last Stop. This game supports both split screen and online co-op play. You can easily play against others of the same skill level; and a good way to improve your overall game experience is to play against skilled opponents. If you are having trouble finding opponents or just do not feel like competing with others; there is a practice mode available in-game for you to use.


Score & Verdict

Last Stop gives you the opportunity to play as any character you want to. There are two basic classes you can choose to play – the gruff sheriff and the mysterious gunslinger. Each character has their own special abilities and weapons that will make them standout from the rest. I especially like how each of the two main characters have special moves; but only with certain weapons. You can even change the difficulty of the game at certain points in the game. This adds a great deal of replayability to Last Stop; especially if you like playing tough characters.

Last Stop has great visuals; sounds; and overall quality. XBOX Graphics are very nice and will leave most people with a great feeling while playing Last Stop. The enemies you fight are very realistic and have unique behaviors and features that will really make you feel like you are facing an invading army. The Last Stop game plays very fast; so your enemies may seem very frightening at first; but the game never makes you feel frustrated or bored. Overall this game is well worth the price and will give anyone who likes zombie games a good; exciting time.