Leading PMP Exam Prep Courses Focus on Three Critical Subjects

The Project Management Institute (PMI) is the acknowledged authority in its field, and its Project Management Professional (PMP) certification program receives a corresponding amount of respect from employers. One of the reasons PMI has remained so centrally influential to the discipline of project management is that is has refused to stand still and has, instead, updated its standards as changing conditions have merited.

Most recently, that commitment to freshness and relevance has seen PMI redesigning the examination required to obtain a PMP certificate. PMP Exam Prep providers have reacted by updating their own offerings to ensure that students will be properly prepared for the changes.

A New Approach to PMP Testing

Project management is an especially practical professional field where results always matter the most. Employers understandably want to see that particular candidates are well-prepared to tackle the challenges they will face in the trenches.

As such, most notable companies now value formal PMP certification in those they consider for project management positions. The newly revised PMP exam administered by PMI is designed to assess how test-takers apply project management principles in their dealings with:

  • People. The key to the success of any project is always how well the people who contribute to it function. Project managers must be able to provide what team members need while also helping them rally their own resources. Project managers who are especially effective at dealing with people will always be more successful than those who are not. Fortunately, it has become clear that people-related project management skills can be taught and honed over time.
  • Processes. Establishing efficient, productivity-enhancing processes should almost always be a priority for a project manager. Keeping proven processes in place and functioning well will often be just as important as rethinking unsatisfactory ones.
  • Environment. The environment that a project takes place in has to be acknowledged and addressed at all times. Project managers who are well-equipped to account for and shape environmental influences will always be better off.

Plenty of Help is Available

Obtaining a PMP certificate will now require being well-versed in all of these areas. Fortunately, there are exam preparation services and courses that have been updated to account for the related recent developments.