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Life is Strange

Life is Strange game is a popular series of first person shooter; adventure video games based on the life of young photographer and violin player back home called Max. Developed by the now famous independent game developer; Dontnod Entertainment; this series first debuted with the first episode; which released five episodes across each of its two seasons. The first game in the series was a massive success; selling over one million copies. However; the long awaited third installment was delayed; with no new release date advertised.


Life is Strange

It is now up to the newest installment called Life is Strange: Before the Fall; that will follow the story of Max and his quest for answers after he witnesses an unnatural murder spree. The player takes control of Max and travels across a beautiful open air world; investigating the crime scene as well as solving puzzles; filling the gaps left behind by the gruesome murders. Each level brings you closer to uncovering the secret behind the crime; as well as the characters that are responsible for it. Heralding a new game in the life of Max; this is sure to be another crowd-puller title for Nintendo.

For those of you who have played the original; there are a lot of improvements made on top of the first game. A whole new cast of characters have been introduced; as well as all the earlier recurring characters from the first game. The graphics and sound track are both upgraded; resulting in an enhanced experience.

The enhanced version of Life is Strange: Before the Fall features all the same scenarios and scenes as the original; but they have been remade with the newest game technology. Gameplay-wise; you can expect the same great action; puzzles; and adventure as the original game. The only major difference is the graphical fidelity and the music score; as well as the addition of some brand new themes. In short; everything you loved about the original games are here; in spades.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

If you like your mmorpg’s story-driven gameplay; then this game is for you. I especially enjoy the little twist at the end of the game. Even though there are some other major twists throughout the game; nothing happens in a surprise way. The game still makes you guess at what will happen next. And if you are still not sure after reading this; then prepare to be surprised.

For anyone who played the original; you will probably feel right at home with this game. I especially enjoyed how the story progressed; and how each scene was completely different compared to the last. I would definitely recommend this game to people who liked the first game; or even those who haven’t played it yet. It really sets itself apart from the rest of the great video game franchises that we have come across.