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Lost in Random

Lost in Random Points is an exciting action-adventure video game based on the hit television show of the same name. The game is developed by Zoink; a studio located in the United States. Part of the EA Originals series; the video game has been released for Microsoft Windows PC; PlayStation 4; PlayStation 5; Xbox One; Wii U and Xbox Series S sometime in late 2021.


Lost in Random

As part of the EA Originals series; Lost in Random comes with a novel storyline told through an engaging narrative. You play as one of the main characters in the story; which is an archaeologist who finds himself thrown into a real life mystery after discovering artifacts that have disappeared from a mysterious city. The adventure further unfolds as you are forced to use your wits and skills in order to figure out the truth behind the whole situation and the artifacts’ origins. Lost in Random is developed using the idyllic setting of a modern town. Although it’s set in a modern time; the story is designed to make the player feel that they have the chance to go back and experience different events from the past.

Using a combination of top-notch action and adventure; Lost in Random deals with a variety of themes like fantasy; mythology and the dark world of greed and mystery. The game revolves around a hero named Jack who is part of an archaeological team searching for the rumored Lost City of Gold. The team members consist of Jack; a powerful knight; his two best friends who are also two female scientists; and an archival expert who uses a device called the Black Dice to determine the location of hidden items. Together; they must delve into the Lost City in search of the legendary artifact.

In the new game; players are taken through many exciting scenes and adventure scenes as they seek to solve the case. The exciting and unique story is told through multiple perspectives allowing players to jump between various points in time to investigate each scene fully. Lost in Random follows Jack and his friends as they solve the mystery behind the artifacts’ origins and use their wits to find the lost city. This multi-faceted game successfully combines fun and puzzle in a roller coaster ride that keeps you hooked on its high-speed roller coaster ride.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

The artwork style is simple yet elegant. The tiles are made of high quality cardboard that is beautifully illustrated. Each card has a distinctive color pattern on one side and an intricate design on the reverse side. Most of the cards have five to seven different colored areas where you can roll the “Black Dice” which is basically a stick that you use to flip over cards. By flipping over the cards; the reader is able to see a picture on the reverse side of the card. These pictures include fantasy art styles; tribal art styles; cartoon characters; nature scenes; and more.

The last two areas of the Adventures of Lost in Random expansion pack include a brand new set of fifty-four cards called the Manie Dex. These cards feature a new style of play that is referred to as the “Manie Manie” system. Here; the player must manipulate all the different colors used in the deck by rolling a dice. These cards are extremely fun to play since each card comes with a different design; enabling readers to easily get a feel for how the cards are inter related as they play the game.