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MechWarrior 5

MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is a new BattleTech video game developed by Piranha Games & published on Windows Worldwide Studios. It’s the first online single player MechWarrior game in over 2021. It was developed as a direct follow up to the popular and well received FreeSpace game. The game provides an excellent single player and multi player battle scenario with a variety of game modes and challenges. The game includes both’Arcade and’Story’mode.


MechWarrior 5

This is a highly interactive and fast paced game that will keep you on the edge of your seat. You play as one of the popular BattleTech heroes – Stonewall; Dragonfire; Hardpoint; Jumpmaster; and Inquisitor. In this challenging single player game you must make your own choices while playing and develop your character over the course of the game. You can purchase upgrades for your heroes at the ‘Upgrades’ menu; but be careful not to spend too much money! There is also a ‘Digital Copy’ option available on this website for those who don’t want to use the Windows installer.

For this game there is a special single player mission that has a time limit of about a hour and contains many exciting twists and turns. If you survive this time period you are rewarded with bonus points that can be used to buy additional abilities or weapons for you hero(s). The bonus points are earned by fulfilling various challenges set by the game’s mysterious ‘Overlord’. The’Omni Feedback’option is available with this game to let you see your enemy’s position and general attack pattern in order to plan your strategy. You will also have access to the’Omni Feedback Skill Tree’which allows you to further develop your skills.

In the initial release of MechWarrior 5 the game had a few technical issues including a very slow response time for input; frequent freezes and even crashes. These problems have been addressed in this latest release; and have been further improved with the addition of new technology that makes everything run smoother. The base game has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to allow for a faster and smoother gameplay experience; and the new’Omni Mesh’system enables detailed; 3D effects.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

Along with the base game; this version of the Mech Warrior 5 features a number of unique missions; all written by the original creator; R.A.D. ‘Reynolds’ and containing true warrior spirit! These challenging missions put you in the boots of your favorite heroes; and put you right in the thick of the action as you save planets and fight against the dreaded Overlords.

As you play each of these exciting hero based missions you will earn credits that you in turn can spend on the purchase of rare and powerful weapons and armors that will transform you into one of your favorite Mercs. A new feature added to the game is the Mercs vs. Robots mission where you must choose which group you want to join; each group featuring a series of challenging missions. Other optional content includes a number of challenge missions; each with their own particular objective and rewards. These missions pit your mercs against the opposing faction; and are designed to be quick and challenging so that there is never a situation where you will feel behind the game.