Microsoft Flight Simulator
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Microsoft Flight Simulator

Microsoft Flight Simulator X is an online flight simulator released by Microsoft Game Studios and developed by Asobo Studio. It’s an entry into the popular Microsoft Flight Simulator series that started in 1982 and is followed by Microsoft Flight Simulator X now in 2021. It’s a fairly faithful recreation of the original cockpit and boasts a detailed scenery that incorporates accurate weather patterns. It also has some interesting features; like a tutorial option letting you learn how to use the various controls and aircraft in the game.


Microsoft Flight Simulator

The good thing about the Microsoft Flight Simulator X version is that it runs smoothly on most versions of Windows; including XP Home Edition; Vista; and Windows 7 Ultimate. The visual aspect of the game is excellent; with many detailed environments and aircraft at the ready for exploration. The add-on packs included in the Flight Simulator X version are designed for use with the simulator. If you’re not using these; you won’t get the best experience from the game. It’s available in North American and European languages; with a number of different language options available if you prefer.

There are some advantages you might find useful when playing Microsoft Flight Simulator X on your own PC. Not only can you play the game online against other players who have bought and installed the game; but you can take advantage of the technical add-ons such as airplane designs; control responses and aircraft performance data to customize your flying experience. The Flight Simulator X console can connect up to twenty users at a time; giving you a great opportunity to fly together with friends or even compete with fellow pilots who’ve purchased and downloaded the simulator. In addition; the Xbox 360 console can also connect up to five Xbox one gamers; giving you a great chance to take on other players in head-to-head competitions.

As well as the benefits for playing Flight Simulator X on your own computer; you will also find that the game has many features not found in other similar simulators. For example; all Xbox consoles support the Xbox Live service; so you can get access to a number of games that have been updated with new features; such as the Xbox Sports Game and Xbox Arena. The Flight Sim game supports both offline and online modes; which is ideal for people who don’t always have access to an online gaming platform. You can challenge friends and rivals in either game mode or practice your skills and tactics with practice missions; which are available for purchase with the Flight Simulator X version.


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Another advantage of purchasing the Microsoft Flight Simulator X version on your own computer rather than purchasing it through the internet is that you can save money by avoiding having to pay the subscription fees associated with other websites. The Microsoft Flight Simulator X has a free trial period; so you can give the simulator a try before you decide whether or not it’s right for you. Many websites selling other versions of the game charge subscription fees; which can add up over time; making it cheaper to simply buy the Microsoft Flight Simulator X on your own PC.

Of course; the choice to download the Microsoft Flight Simulator X for your console is entirely up to you. If you’re not sure whether or not it’s something you’d be interested in; then purchasing a copy of the game on your own is perfectly safe. It’s more secure than purchasing a used or pre-owned version; and you’ll have the opportunity to test it out before committing to any kind of purchase. However; if you’re sure this is the kind of software program you want to get involved with; then purchasing on of the two Microsoft Flight Simulator X versions available should be a simple enough process. Be sure to visit our web site for more detailed information on the latest version of Microsoft Flight Simulator X.