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My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia aims to provide players with an interactive; ‘immersive’ platform for playing the role of a professional gamer. It mixes elements of adventure; strategy and simulation into an online multiplayer role-play game (mmorpg) in the tradition of popular online RPG’s like World of Warcraft; Halo; and Stellaris. The player assumes the role of a professional gaming professional who has been hired by a gaming company to take on an important assignment.

You can choose to play as any character you want – from a masked avenger; a noble scout; a hardened marine or a hardened fighter – and put your skill and personality to the test in exciting; high stakes situations set in the famous cities and settings found in classical MMORPGs. My Time at Portia provides an ‘immersive’ experience where you get to act like you are part of the action. In this way; it combines elements of action with role-playing and simulation.


My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia draws some inspiration from the popular anime/manga series; Kill Bill. This innovative role-play video game takes its story from the same place as the popular movie franchise. The game takes place in 20th century Japan; in the post-World War II Japan; and centers around the idea of “VRciting;” wherein the avatar you are playing behaves as if he or she is part of that character they are playing. For example; a certain avatar might put on a white outfit when playing as a Japanese soldier; and a dirty; bloody outfit when playing as a police officer. My Time at Portia follows the same concept as the manga series.

In order to succeed in this game; you must gather enough resources to complete your mission and find out what happened to your family in the time frame of the game. You can choose to do this through collecting parts of the puzzle book that were left by your deceased father; which are used to help you restore theVRision Powder to its optimum state or through finding the journal of a missing girl; who is believed to be a Key Researcher for theVRision Company.

My Time At Portia follows a storyline that diverges drastically from the manga and anime series it is based on. You are instead asked to participate in a workshop run by Dr. Isaac’s institute. As part of the workshop; you will also be given the opportunity to work side by side with Billy and Rose; who are tasked to explore the mysterious case files in the institute. My Time At Portia gives players an opportunity to interact with the main characters in a non-linear manner; allowing them the chance to know more about the game’s mystery as they progress through the narrative.


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The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

My Time At Portia for Nintendo Switch is not just another crafting game; it is also an RPG styled adventure. As you participate in the workshops in the game; you are also asked to craft items and meet other players; all based on the premise of a post-apocalyptic world. The story revolves around a young girl; Rose; who survived the initial attack of the zombies but is now tasked to find her family and fight off the bandits plaguing the area. My Time At Portia uses a unique crafting system that allows players to craft different types of weapons and tools that are required to survive the harsh environment of the workshop.

My Time At Portia for Nintendo Switch is yet another example of a game that successfully mixes the concept of crafting and role playing. Through its innovative crafting system; the game manages to combine elements from various genres; resulting in an experience that is truly unique and does not feel like a remake or a re-skin of any old games we’ve played. Through its use of the Switch language; the game provides a great way for players to communicate and build relationships with others through its community hub. Combined with its adventurous story and fantastic graphics; My Time At Portia makes for a truly unique gaming experience.