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Night In The Woods

Night In The Woods game is an upcoming single player adventure video game. It was originally developed by Infinite Fall; an studio founded by independent game designer Alec Holowka; and released by publisher Red Fly Games. Holowka created the lead character;edy adventurer Willy; in the game to be compared with such characters as Mario or Link. In comparison to these well-known characters; the game will have more of a “choose your own adventure” type of storyline; with the game’s main focus being on exploring and collecting various objects around the map.


Night In The Woods

One of the main characters; Willy; is taken ill and hospitalized in a mental institution after attempting to kill his roommate. He remains there for the next few weeks before he escapes out of the institution and returns home. There he re-enjoys his favorite hobby: camping. Unfortunately; while back at home he neglects to clear his inventory so when his roommate asks him to go grocery shopping with him; he gets nervous and doesn’t quite know what to do so he decides to go look for food himself…alone.

Now; in the Night In The Woods you must assist Willy by exploring the grounds; gathering items and solving puzzles to progress the game’s plot. The story is told through cut-scenes which occur while you are playing the game; giving the game a narrative similar to that of the famous Lucasarts series of games. In addition to the narrative; Night In The Woods features original music done by the bands The Mars Volts and Animal Collective. This game was released for the first time as a full video game; and is being published by PlayStation 4 through its new partnership with kickstarter; in order to fund the development costs of the game.

Although originally developed for the Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS; the game has been completely remade for the newer consoles that it now resides on; including the PlayStation 4; Xbox One and Wii U. However; the game is not only an adventure game focused on exploring the forests of Night In The Woods; but it is also horror oriented. The developers have given emphasis on presenting a horror genre because it is something that a lot of people actually enjoy; especially children.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

Returning to the story; after finding the body of Willy; a boy named Borowski finds out that all of the villagers have disappeared. Searching the grounds for evidences; he meets up with Ellen; who tells him that she grew up in the former mining town of Pritchard and that she knows the bodies were buried there. When confronted with evidence of her own; Ellen realizes that the villagers did not die of natural causes; but rather were killed and transformed into creatures-creatures of the Nightwoods.

Following the discovery of the bodies and the decimation of the entire village; Borowski sets out to find those responsible for his son’s demise and to find what caused their disappearance. Upon finding the decimated town and the bodies of the victims; he realizes that something was triggered a few days before by an unknown force that caused the Nightwoods to become nightwalking. When he goes deeper into the woods; he discovers that the cause of the problem lies within the caves where the game begins. This game will feature an original storyline as well as a series of mini-games; and will most likely be coming to the PC; Xbox; PlayStation and Wii platforms at some point in the future.