Orcs Must Die 3
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Orcs Must Die 3

Orcs Must Die 3 Game is an upcoming action-packed tower defense video game released and developed by Robot Entertainment. It’s the third installment in the popular Orcs Must Die! series; and the second sequel to Orcs Must Die! 2.


Orcs Must Die 3

The third Orcs Must Die 3 installment of this strategy-filled tower defense game has been improved with new quests; monsters; items and more. This time around; players have to save the world against the horde of undead creatures that are rampaging through the land. There are new weapons to use as well; such as the battle axe and double bow. In addition; you can now opt for an endless mode; which can be great if you’re a completion junkie like me. In the endless mode; you’ll get more powerful weapons; more powerful Orcs; more gold and more unlocked items.

For those who like endless mode only for the graphics; you can always turn off the “auto-play” feature and have your game play without a voice track. If you’re into real war scenarios; though; you’ll appreciate the exciting sound effects; the well-designed maps; the fantastic graphics; and more. Although it has all the usual elements of a tower defense game; Orcs Must Die 3 adds a bit more depth with its endless mode and extra weapons and item to use during the battle. The graphics and story are both drawn beautifully; and they match the original’s dark and morbid tone.

Unlike the first two Orcs Must Die! games; in Endless Mode; you do not fight your enemies using only your own Orcs; but also several undead; which feel like true warriors due to their advanced weaponry and skills. You’ll have to take care of these units as they are very tough to kill and are much better at defending themselves than your average human in war scenarios. The added challenge given by the endless mode also means that you will be spending a lot of time on the towers; making this game’s content even more varied compared to the other games in the series.


Score & Verdict

I really liked the way that the game makes you feel like you’re defeating the hordes instead of just staying put and watching them kill each other. Even if you lose a couple of troops during the endless mode; the graphics still make you feel like things are out of your control. With all the towers and traps available; you never know when one of them will fall and capture an enemy; so you always want to be ready.

Another thing that impressed me about the original Orcs Must Die! XBOX game is that it was much easier than the remake. Unlike the third game; which required a lot of trial and error; this game only requires you to purchase the horde packs and play the game right through. That way; even those who aren’t so good with games can easily pick up the basics of the gameplay without having to worry about losing too much progress from dying or getting hit by a trap. With the original Orcs Must Die! game; even the guys who weren’t that used to playing on computers could figure it out pretty quickly; so this is definitely a big plus.