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Port Royale 4

Port Royale 4: Gold is one of the most addictive video games in history! Developed by Sega and featuring the highly acclaimed game franchise known as Sonic the Hedgehog; it takes you on an incredible high-speed roller coaster ride through the unique world created by this Japanese gaming series. Sonic the Hedgehog is an adventurer who lives in a world where he makes friends with many other powerful hedgehogs called the Chao. The game’s main objective is for you to explore all over the world as well as to find your way to the island’s ending. As you move on; you’ll encounter lots of villains and several challenges that will put an end to your adventure.


Port Royale 4

Port Royale 4: Gold is the follow up to the highly successful and popular Sonic the Hedgehog video game series. While the earlier games saw Sonic and Tails as partners; the latest sees them have a long-term enemy in the form of a gigantic robot known as Dr. Eggman. The first game saw the return of several beloved characters from the past; including some brand new ones. These include several remakes or sequels of old games in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise; as well as brand new stories. In addition to these; the game introduces two brand new characters as well; allowing players to enjoy more variety and personality in their game play. Port Royale 4 features some of the best graphics seen on a console in years; and there are some pretty impressive sound effects as well.

In this installment you get to see the beginnings of the American colonization; as the game depicts the initial push of the settlers into what would become New Spain. As the game progresses; you get to learn what it takes to run a small settlement into a bustling commercial city. You can also choose between different playable character types; each with their own special traits and abilities that will help you as you set sail and join the Colonial powers against Dr. Eggman in their battle for supremacy of the caribbean.

A few unique features of this game include the fact that you get to learn what it takes to manage and direct a small settlement into a bustling commercial city. It is a balancing act between providing your people with a steady diet of supplies; buildings; and resources while at the same time trying to keep them supplied; happy and well-supplied by all of the ports they have access to along their voyage across the Atlantic ocean.

These early efforts will pay off well when the winter arrives and winter winds down; bringing with it the long; bitter cold that packs such a harsh aura over ports across Europe and its possessions. Your winter seasons; while tough; will also give way to spring; which is the best time of year for resupplying and rearming your colony and preparing them for what is to come. When the summer comes; things are about to change in that there will be more incoming cargo ships and passenger ships pouring into the Boston port and the colonial powers will have their back against Dr. Eggman once again.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

This is also the time when the French presence in the American colonies becomes active and one can sense that this will affect England’s political power. If you like to play historical simulation games then this is definitely one for you as the historical backdrop combined with four diverse colonial powerhouses will certainly test your strategic skills. But perhaps one of the best things that Colonial Pacific has to offer is its unique gameplay system and ship-to-ship combat. This game provides a unique gameplay system where you actually have control to a large extent over the outcome of each battle.

Every turn that passes; you will be given a certain amount of time to form up a new strategy depending on what sort of results you want to see. You can opt for either shorter or longer missions but remember that the longer mission times consume more fuel and resources from your colony’s treasury; thus reducing your available funds. The system is turn-based meaning that battles take place on specific turn-rounds only; so if you wish to use your funds in different aspects of your empire; you simply move your colonies to adjacent tiles for a new turn.

Remember that you can only move your character once per turn so you have to carefully consider the optimal number of turns in which to do so. Other than that; all other aspects of the game are fully modifiable including your ship; crew; economy; production and research scores. This is perhaps one of the best management games available today and is sure to provide a great deal of enjoyment to those who have the patience to commit significant time in playing it.