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ProtoCorgi is a highly-acclaimed free download PC game based in a large fantasy theme. In order to play; you will need a browser that supports flash player; which should be the latest version. A microphone is also necessary; as this game is text-based. If you want to know more about how to get started with the game; visit the website.

Protocorgi (the name is Latin) is an award-winning video game based on an original story by Juan Parra. It was released on Steam; GOG; & other online download services in December of 2016. Play as bullet; the strongest human Cute Robot ever created.

This is a game similar to Super Crate Wars; but instead of crates; you must shoot the enemies to move on the game’s top-down map. Shooting enemies drop down bombs; which you use to explode and destroy everything in your path. The goal of the game is to eliminate all the enemies and pickups in the level to win.

This is a simple; but addictive game. You control a small dark pup who looks like a tiny variation of the yuppie cartoon robot from the 80s. He loves to be a part of the “cool” crowd; but when he meets the “strange guy”; everything changes. Your cute little pup transforms into a powerful; loyal fighting machine who will help you in your mission to stop the evil aliens from taking over the universe. You control this futuristic combat machine with the Wii Motes; which is actually a little remote that you put into the slot of the Wii Nunchuk or Wii remotes.

A lot of the retro style pixel art games have limited moves; as well as the ability to only attack one enemy at a time. With ProtoCorgi; you have three different attack moves: attack speed; defense power; and the third move is to launch three small meteor-like objects. You can switch between these three moves by tapping the B button; or with the Analog stick. Switching between the three moves will make it so that you are able to take out multiple enemies at a time; or you can focus on one group of enemies for a combo attack.

Playing as the cool; adorable Corgis is a great way to get a taste of what the new Nintendo Switch has to offer. You can download the free version of ProtoCorgi from the official website for as long as your account lasts. This gives you the ability to play the arcade version of the game for two whole days without having to pay a dime! You will love how this game plays; with its lighthearted and cute retro style pixel art; its fun arcade gameplay; and the joy of leveling up your cute cyber corgi puppy; ProtoCorgi. You will also love how the different stages and endings in the game change throughout the different levels.