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Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is a brand new platform video game based on the works of Psychonauts writer Wallace Wattles and released by Xbox Game Studios. It stars Robert Akins (Wattles) who starred in the first game as the young photographer protecting his family from Psychos. This time around; he’s not just protecting them; but the world as well as everyone in it. To do this he must use all the skills he knows of from his past – including a wacky jet-propulsion device – to battle against the evil forces of Neeloid (voice of Glenda Venerson); the leader of the Technis corporation. Helping Robert is his ragtag group of ragtag spacemen; who must combine their powers to stop the villain from taking over the world!


The story in Psychonauts 2 follows a similar route as the first game; where you were protecting your Psychonauts team from Psychlos while they were trying to save the Earth. However; in this time; instead of an outer space mission; there’s a reason why your crew needs to protect the planet – it’s going to get wiped out very quickly from a meteor impact. This time around you’re traveling to Alaska to speak with a scientist who knows how to protect Earth from such an event; and so send in the forces of Psychonauts to do it for you. The difference being that in Psychonauts 2; the bad guys have taken over the planet and only you can prevent it.


One thing that makes Psychonauts 2 special is its great use of the Xbox Live system – allowing players to play the game online for free. And since Psychonauts is one of the most popular and best-selling independent video games of all time; it’s only natural that it would make its debut on the worldwide-known gaming service. This means that players who like Psychonauts 2 can join the game right away and experience the exciting; free online play without having to pay a dime. In fact; you will probably end up making a few more players by playing the game via Xbox Live. This offers you and the rest of the world the chance to explore the stunning scenery of Alaska; take on some of the obstacles and challenges that the game has to offer; and also learn more about the characters and the story that you’ll follow.


In addition to the huge amount of content available through Xbox Live; another big difference between the original Psychonauts and its sequel is its appearance. It looks and sounds just like the first game; but players who don’t play the original are in for a big surprise. Due to the original’s overwhelming critical acclaim; the game is remade as a high-quality video game and features all the amazing animation; amazing graphics; and mind-blowing special effects you enjoyed the first time around. This remade version is remade in high definition (HD); which means that it will provide crystal clear detail and crisp audio for everyone playing. Not only is the game’s look and sound amazing; but it has an even better soundtrack than the original; featuring over 25 seconds of pure audio that will blow your mind after hearing it for the first time. Other features include improved game play; the introduction of hidden items; the return of fan favorites characters Raz and Staz; and a wealth of new challenges and achievements.


With the original game available for sale; there is only one way to truly enjoy Psychonauts 2: The Secrets of Psychonauts. Purchase the Xbox Game Passes feature at any one of the many retailers available; and receive unlimited access to games until the game is exhausted. Once the game is purchased through the Xbox Game Pass portal; it is then yours to download whenever you like throughout the life of your Xbox console. What could be better than playing Psychonauts 2 for free until the release day? You will probably find yourself addicted to the moment you see the progress bar fill up.


The gaming community has been buzzing about Psychonauts 2 since its announcement at the Game Developers Conference last year. I can honestly say that I was extremely impressed with the games visual and sound quality. It looks and sounds like the classic game everyone knows and loves. The gameplay involves a variety of adventure mini games; puzzles; and racing against the clock to complete objectives and to reach the goal area. The goal varies from each level; but each is as unique as the Psychonauts themselves. For fans of the classic platformer and hidden object games; Psychonauts 2 offers a perfect chance to play the sequels to their favorite games in the safest; most reliable way.