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Puzzling Places

For anyone who has ever felt like they have gotten lost in a foreign land; then Puzzling Places game is likely to be a welcome change. Video games with minigames have become very popular in recent years; and this one is no exception. Puzzles are a great way to relax; relieve stress; and to kill some time. One of the best things about a game is that it can actually teach you something. Video games are not just simple text commands; they teach you skills and strategies while they also entertain.


Puzzling Places

In Puzzling Places; players will get to experience all sorts of fun and interesting locations around the world. There are many different options; and it all depends on which platform you choose to play on. You can play on the PlayStation 2 or the Xbox. The PlayStation 2 allows for larger; more detailed jigsaw puzzles; whereas the Xbox uses a higher-quality video graphics to support its better jigsaw puzzles. Each option has their own pros and cons; and the choice really comes down to preference. If you enjoy playing older games on the older systems; then this version will fit right in.

The story is very enjoyable and starts off with a cute; little girl who finds herself lost in a strange town. To get out of the woods; she must use her wits and her flashlight to explore the town; while using the mouse for moving items and avoiding falling boulders. Puzzles are the key to solving puzzles and make this version very fun to play. The environment looks real as far as backgrounds are concerned; and there are some very nice effects such as raindrops when raindrops fall on your screen. The immersive soundscape is also nice to listen to as you wander through each scene.

This version contains a number of different puzzles that all revolve around different themes. You can choose to solve puzzles based on history or you can go on a treasure hunt in order to find hidden pieces. A nice aspect about solving puzzles is that you build up your confidence by finding specific pieces within the puzzle. There are a few hidden areas in the puzzles; and after you’ve collected all the required pieces; these can be used to reassemble puzzles that have been put together by other players on the Xbox 360 version of P Puzzling Places.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

One of the best parts of the game is the collection of photograms that come with it. These consist of little cubes that are used to track where light is falling on the player’s screen. A photogram is then taken; using the cube; and projected onto the player’s TV screen. This shows you where the piece is located and how far away it is from you. This helps improve your spatial awareness as you collect pieces and use them to navigate through puzzles and complete the puzzles.

The final aspect of this game that I really enjoyed is the option to play along with a number of digital instruments that can be played during your gameplay. There are a number of instruments that can be used to create a wide array of emotions and moods; such as changing the color of the scene or adding new plants to the scene. To me; this added layer of emotion added to the experience was what made the game truly stand out and make it a fun time for players. The final piece to this immersive soundscape is the option to listen to the story through 3D sounds. If you happen to like the puzzles and would like to hear what the voice actors had to say regarding the game; you can even download the Xbox 360 version of P Puzzling Places and listen to it!