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Recompile Review

A few minutes after installing Recompile Riview; I was met by an error message stating; “Something went wrong”. I clicked OK and opened the program; only to find that the game was still running fine. It was then that I realized my problem was not with Recompile Riview at all; but with the video card I was using. Fortunately; it was an easy fix and I was able to get back on the internet and play the game again. So; if you are experiencing errors with this program; or any other video game for that matter; then this should clear things up for you.

First of all; I made sure to backup my computer before installing Recompile Riviera. When you do this first time; you will be asked if you want to keep the old settings or the new ones. If you have the old settings; simply remove them from your computer. If you have the new settings; install Recompile Riviera and then take out all the files from your computer. Put them in a separate folder and then restore your computer’s configuration. This process may take some time depending on how large your computer is.

To prevent problems in the future; I also ran a system optimizer program to make my computer run faster. I was amazed how much speed Recompile Riviera gained by using this tool. After doing so; however; I had to run a registry cleaner program which found and removed a number of unnecessary entries that were slowing down my computer. This went a long way towards increasing my computer’s performance. You can use this same tool after you have done the above steps to speed up your computer.

After doing this; I then turned to the Recompile Riviera forums to look for other people who were having the same problem as I was. There were a lot of people who were able to provide me with valuable information that helped me fix my video errors. I learned that the problem wasn’t with Recompile Riviera at all. It was actually with my graphics card.

When I installed an upgraded graphics card; my computer began to run like it did when I first purchased it. It was so much faster. The only problem was; whenever I tried to play video games; the game would freeze up or I would have to restart my computer. This was quite frustrating.

It was then that I remembered about the Video Wizard. I used this program often so I thought I would try and fix it. By enabling and disabling the different features of this program; it was able to fix my Riviera video errors. It was a very simple fix; but one that worked very well.