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Resident Evil Village Updates

It is difficult to give a good review of the favorite video game Resident Evil village. You’re more than just scared by the visuals because they have been proven before few games. For many people, the visuals are the scariest section of the game. This game though has a lot of twists to keep you engaged from begin to finish. WHEN I have mentioned in my own previous Resident Evil articles, I’m not just a big fan of fighting but I admit the graphics in this game does make the atmosphere more intense.


Resident Evil Village

As a fan of the series though, I am going to admit that I was very impressed with the visuals. The scenery is really nice and creates an excellent atmosphere for the game. Dark and moody. But then once you drain the bottle, it starts to taste a little bit too acidic, a tad too wild, until finally you cannot taste other things.

The storyline isn’t as complex as I had envisioned, but it is not as well written when i expected it to be either. There are way too many plot twists without reason. I felt that the characters were underdeveloped for no reason at all. Well, maybe I missed something, but I couldn’t put my finger on it. Some may find this disappointing but I liked it. For a lot of though, who likes it when things go unexpected, I think it is just enough.

A very important factor I liked was the particular level design. It really is different in each level and is fairly creative. You can get items and weapons strewn concerning the place, which makes it seem like you are really taking part in the action. However, there are also some areas that you’ll not access and these levels are just as exciting and well designed as the remaining game.

One of the terrifying parts of the game is when you are trapped within the lands of a facility. There are two main characters in this game – Jill Valentine and Dr. Isaac’s. They look very similar, so it is very difficult to differentiate them in one another. The game revolves around a single mission only and they both lead very different fates. One can be an evil doctor, the other can be an unethical nurse.

For the most part, the storyline is what made me play this game. The audio and visuals are well done. The game includes a great sound, but it may become repetitive. But overall, the overall game is not a real visual beauty, but it could be rather fun and frantic when i mentioned before.

The actual game play of this game is very well done. The platforming is tight and you can find no bugs. The game also features some very nice puzzles and brain teasers. The enemies can be extremely deadly which game offers up lots of surprises along the way.

Well Designed Graphics

Overall, Resident Evil Village Review: Escape from Van Nuys is a well designed, well crafted game. It’s not an excellent game, but it’s definitely worth playing when you have the opportunity to do so. It’s not like the typical zombie styled games which are out there. That one really has its own spin on the format and it doesn’t suffer by doing so.

As for me personally, I must say i don’t think that there’s any better game to play than Resident Evil. There’s just something about any of it that gets me pumped up and excited. And like I’ve mentioned previously, it’s not just a run and gun type game. It’s a lot more than that. It’s an experience and there’s something for everybody here.

You can obtain this game on the Wii as well. So you can play with friends. And I must say i don’t think that game has any flaws that could prevent folks from playing it. It’s great fun. It’s perfect for the whole family. I understand I enjoyed it right to the end.

If you’re looking for a new game to play, I’d highly recommend this one. I must say i enjoy playing games like these. They really don’t get much hype beyond gaming magazines. But when I acquired the copy of this game, I was really blown away by how fun it is. And I believe you’ll get the same feeling when you get your copy.

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