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RiMS Racing

If you enjoy the cool graphics and sound effects of Ridiculus Racing but want to have the complete package without the extra effort; then RiMS Racing Riview is the game for you. This side of Ridiculus features everything that makes the original version so great – including the awesome new tracks and cars. You will also have access to the “VR Training” program which is an integral part of the Ridiculus Racing experience. The aim of this feature is to teach your virtual driver how to race in all kinds of circumstances. It teaches them how to react in every kind of situation – and also how to plan their moves on the track.

The first time you play this version of Ridiculus; you will be on a professional racetrack. You will be asked not to start the game; but instead to wait until you hear some beeps. When they do; a message will appear on your computer screen saying that you are now ready to race.

Using the arrow keys; you can choose any car that you would like to race in the demo version of the game. The top of the control panel will show the information about the car that you have chosen. As you select different cars; their speed; acceleration; handling; break strength; etc will change so that you can choose a car that best matches your style.

This version of Ridiculus features all of the tracks from the video game version. There are a total of 27 tracks in this game; so you will definitely have plenty to keep your attention. When you first start out; there will be a short tutorial showing you how to switch from one track to another. You will then be able to select your car to enter the race. From there; you simply have to follow the on-screen prompts; and use the arrows on the keyboard to make your moves.

This game is completely compatible with the Windows operating system and has been designed so that it will run seamlessly along with that particular operating system. It should not cause any interruptions and will load quickly. You can even turn it off and on again to make sure that everything is running smoothly. It also includes many helpful online tutorials and suggestions as well. If you would like to further enhance your skills and practice before going out on to the track to drive real cars; there is a ‘Practice mode’ button right below the playing options that you can click. This will allow you to practice how you should move your vehicle on the track; as well as practicing your braking and turning skills.

This video game is very well designed; and the interface; sound effects; and picture quality are quite impressive. If you enjoy playing high definition racing games; then you will love this one. It truly offers a realistic racing experience; and it’s one of the best ways to spend a few hours with family or friends. Don’t forget to download the demo of this game and give it a try.