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Road 96

Embarking on a non-stop ride during a blistering; mid-90s summer; Road 96 transports players literally on a non-stop ride as they strive to reach the international border and begin a brand new life in an orphanage. Along the way; players must endure the challenges of a cruel; oppressive regime; political infighting; the unexpected outbreak of a deadly virus; and much more. With an addictive storyline and multiple endings; Road 96 is well worth the asking price. When you’re done playing; why not discover the answer to the age-old question: what would you do with your life?


Road 96

Road 96 belongs to the genre of hidden object games; specifically visual novels. The premise behind this type of game requires the player to piece together a puzzle or riddle by discovering secret items within the environments they encounter along the way. For example; in Road 96; the player must find the owner of an ancient Chinese pot before leaving the house to obtain information regarding the whereabouts of a recently disappeared woman. The game progresses through a series of rooms as the player uncovers the truth and makes decisions that will affect the next scene’s outcome.

Although this hidden object game is similar to hidden object games; Road 96 goes above and beyond in making its story a rewarding one. As the game progresses; you’ll uncover more clues that will help you complete puzzles or find the missing woman. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet new characters and interact with each of them in order to further advance the storyline. Each character offers different options when it comes to solving puzzles or finding secrets; and all are equally interesting and challenging to play. In fact; each of them feels like a beloved character that you come to know and love by the end of the game; especially if you’ve played other hidden object games.

The Road 96 game awards are given to all of the members of the development team for providing the most creative entertainment possible. This includes the game design; sound; level design; voice acting; animation; and photography. The creative director is responsible for every aspect of the development process; including the storyline and mechanics of the game.


Bug Patches

The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

The Road 96 game awards are meant to celebrate the vision of the original creators; which is why all of the game’s levels are created in a way that creates a sense of adventure; instead of simply offering a straightforward puzzle. However; Road 96 has a few limitations when compared to other similar games. For example; the graphics and audio are relatively short; which makes the game feel slower. Also; the story’s chronological order isn’t as clear as the developers originally had it; but considering the excellent story and background; it makes up for it in other ways.

Regardless of what you think of Road 96; the fact remains that it is one of the best examples of an adventure game where the player gets to take control and have some control over the story and gameplay. The way in which you control the plot and the actions of the characters helps make it different from other examples; such as Legend of Zelda or Baldur’s Gate. This means that anyone playing Road 96 will have a lot of fun; regardless of their preferences.