Sam & Max Save the World
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Sam & Max Save the World

Sam & Max Save the World Game are a multi-platform media franchise based on the titular fictional twins; the Freelance Police officers. The characters; who once occupied a world that parroted American popular culture; were born out of Steve Purcell’s childhood; and appeared in a 1987 story written by Bill Sikes. Since their creation; Sam & Max have grown to become an international phenomenon; and a staple of late night television; which has reached millions of homes across the globe. Here we’ll take a look at the history of Sam and Max; as well as a brief history of this franchise.


Sam & Max Save the World

Sam & Max Save the World are two teenage boys; fresh out of their tiny school uniforms (with the exception of the socks); and as newly adopted brothers. They soon find themselves in charge of their very own agency; a position which they desperately want. Unfortunately; it seems to be quite a burden for both boys; as the responsibilities become more unbearable. The first season presented Sam and Max as roommates; with the boy; Max; always sleeping on the other side of the bed. The Telltale Games series later changed this; making Sam and Max reside in their own apartment together.

The Telltale Games series presents Sam and Max as high school kids; with the now adult Sam acting as the more mature and wiser older brother; whilst the younger Max plays the role of the naive and carefree younger brother. The series went on to create two more successful animated series; one based on a high school in the Washington DC area; and another based in Boston; Massachusetts. The third season introduced the characters of Max; along with all of the friends that were previously involved with Sam and Max; in an interactive TV show. The third season also introduced the Telltale Game series; where players would play the role of Sam and Max; controlling them through the use of the PlayStation Portable; and interacting with others around the world.

The Telltale Games series has grown in popularity amongst gamers; with many people becoming obsessed with playing this interactive series. One of the most well known games involves Sam and Max; who find themselves locked in a chocolate factory after stealing a box of chocolate from an unsuspecting girl. From here; the story begins to unfold; as Sam and Max must learn to trust each other; while also trying to save the girls from the clutches of the villainous Mr. X. Throughout the game; players are able to choose from a range of emotions; which help to define the characters of the game; allowing players to experience a range of emotions that are depicted in the final episode of the animated series.


Score & Verdict

In the third episode of the Steam show; titled “A Day in the Life of Sam & Max”; the characters begin to feel a sense of nostalgia for their younger years; as they recall their favorite childhood memories. When a storm occurs that causes all sorts of trouble for the two boys; Sam and Max must find out what has happened to their beloved mother; who has become obsessed with finding the legendary treasure called Stinky the Candy Man. The two enter a cave where they encounter a talking; green talking candy man who is searching for someone who can use his magic powers to cure him of stinky breath. When the children agree to help him find the treasure; they are transported back to their current location in the present; where Sam & Max are faced with a brand new set of problems; including Mr. X’s reappearance.

The Telltale Games series; like its original predecessor; ends with a shocking reveal – Mr. X is not who he seems and has been posing as a good priest for quite some time. It is up to Sam and Max to save their loved ones; thwarting evil henchmen and locating the legendary Holy Grail. At the end of the game; both boys find themselves sitting on top of a large cliff; surrounded by dozens of glowing red hearts. This is the Telltale Series’ conclusion; and you will be happy to know that the first game’s endings were filmed by Disney. It is also worth mentioning that the original Sam & Max video game’s box art is the same as the cover of the new movie.