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Sheltered 2

Building upon its predecessor; Sheltered 2 game promises even greater tactical challenges and emergent gameplay. Now you’re tasked with building up your underground faction and creating a governing leader while handling various threats and protecting assets and resources. The success of your game comes down to your ability to strategically develop each scenario within the game and how you handle your relationship with the opposing factions. Your success is also determined by your ability to manage your resources efficiently; by spending wisely when needed; and by developing strategic relationships with the various groups and organizations you encounter along your journey. Ultimately; your success will be measured by how effectively you manage the elements of your game environment; and your success will be measured by the number of maps you successfully defend and/or build up your underground city.


Sheltered 2

As in the first game; Sheltered 2 puts player focus on managing the numerous scenarios that present themselves throughout play. For example; a player may find themselves trapped in a bunker with hostile forces around the clock; unable to move around to any other areas. However; they have the opportunity to request a helicopter ride out; which can either be denied or favorably granting access to the bunker.

Unlike its predecessor; Sheltered 2 includes a ‘win the game’ option; which allows the player to choose whether they would like to play the storyline of their choice or attempt to escape from their bunker. In the survival games; players often have only one chance to either defend their bunker or flee from it to continue on with the storyline. However; in Sheltered 2 the player can attempt to escape from their underground prison with the use of a variety of tools and gadgets.

Another difference between the two sequels is the fact that in Sheltered 2; the secondary objective involves protecting the few remaining survivors. This objective is usually straightforward enough that all players can easily complete it without any need for advanced planning. However; in the original version; there was no way to communicate with any of the groups of survivors besides through the use of a radio. This often left many players stuck behind a group of other survivors; taking up unnecessary space and hampering any potential action.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

Unlike its predecessor; the new Sheltered 2 game has a much more dynamic and interesting storyline. In fact; one of the most thrilling elements revolves around the efforts of a group of teenage survivors who are trapped deep within the facility after a virus sweeps through the base and virtually wipes out almost all of the male population. Players are not only faced with the threat of an impending attack from a dangerous faction; but also with a range of different situations that all require players to make choices regarding how they will survive. Additionally; a variety of secondary objectives are introduced throughout the course of gameplay; providing both an extra challenge and a chance to learn new strategies along the way.

Although both versions of Sheltered 2 feature a powerful storyline and a number of gripping characters; the true strength of the game comes from the longevity of the game’s various elements. As well as being one of the biggest flash games available on mobile devices today; the game provides players with an excellent base of knowledge about the workings of its underlying game mechanics; as well as providing them with a clear understanding of the competing factions.