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Sonic Colors

Sonic Colors is an 2021 platform game released by Sega. It follows the story of Sonic’s quest to prevent his arch enemy; Doctor Eggman; from enslaving another alien race and Taking over the human world. The game is a side-scrolling platformer; much like its predecessors. This time around; Sonic has a partner; a blond woman named Knuckles; who he has to help as he tries to prevent the evil Doctor Eggman and his plans for Earth. Unlike the first two games in the series; Sonic Colors does not feature any recurring villains or enemy characters.


Sonic Colors

Like its predecessors; Sonic Colors is an open-world platform game in which you go around collecting different objects and powers that can help you in your mission to prevent the bad doctor and his plans. For example; in the level called Archives; you will find some powerful gemstones that can break down obstacles and even damage enemies; though you have to use these gems in a sequence that will cause them to drop down a shaft to the bottom. The levels get progressively more difficult; forcing you to use more of these gems in a sequence to reach the end. The level where you fight Dr. Darkkan added special effects; music; and effects; making it very unique and fun to play.

However; despite its fun and new features; it still retains some of the same gameplay elements present in previous games. Sonic; like all the other playable characters; has special power-ups which allow him to reach special paths and defeat bosses. In this game; however; there are five power-ups included; each with their own uses and abilities. Also; unlike the previous games; Sonic can now break down any object in the world; allowing him to navigate through it easier. In addition; the previously hidden zones where you could complete the game are now revealed; giving you better chance of finding new treasures; collectibles; and Power-Ups.

Another change is the gameplay – Sonic now has his own storyline; instead of just following the storyline of Dr. Eggman. The storyline follows a simple pattern; as the first mission takes you to rescue the kidnapped baby in a Dr. Eggman controlled amusement park; while going on a wild goose chase around various zones. Sonic and Tails go through different zones; collecting items along the way; while fighting Dr. Eggman’s henchmen. Additionally; players control a variety of new additions to Sonic’s moves; such as a swimming move; a jet move; and an air dash. All of these moves add excitement and new elements to the gameplay; while still maintaining the fluid gameplay of the previous games.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

The biggest addition; however; is the new ‘onic car’; which can be used in conjunction with the previously released gemstone’melon whip’ to turn other gies into Sonic. While not much is known about the gameplay of the newer gadgets; it is safe to say that they are based on the design of previous Dr. Eggman gadgets. Additionally; a new unlockable ‘zeppelin’ is introduced; which allows Sonic and Tails to travel through an air-covered globe in search of the mysterious’Chao’. This; along with new ‘leaf’ and ‘grass’ objects are found in previous Dr. Eggman games; making the overall gameplay more interesting.

Sonic and Tails Adventure; though lacking the unique Sonic Colors gameplay that its predecessors; offers a fun and enjoyable game for those interested in such games. The addition of a new character; the ability to utilize objects against an exaggerated appearance of a traditional video game; and a variety of new tools make this version of Sonic the Hedgehog stand out from its competitors. Though not quite as innovative as the Dr. Eggman version; it does offer a fun alternative to what could become another outdated Sonic title for the Wii. Most significantly; it retains the same great game play that made the 3DS versions so popular.