Space Jam A New Legacy
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Space Jam A New Legacy

Space Jam A New Legacy Review Rarely will a movie star; musician or actor get the opportunity to rework a popular TV series as well as a beloved cartoon into a super-hit film. Yet; that’s exactly what happened with Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The seventh installment of the original Star Wars series; The Force Awakens picks up after the events of Return of the Jedi. With the dark forces once again coming to the galaxy; the new lead character; Rey (Rooney Mara) must team up with a reluctant Luke (Falcon Edwards); while facing new enemies in her quest to save the Resistance and discover the truth about her father’s death.


Space Jam A New Legacy

Although the first few minutes of Space Jam A New Legacy Review suggest a return to form for the main characters; once it hits its momentum the tone is different. For instance; the first confrontation between the Resistance and the First Order; a mysterious group of battle-hardened terrorists; is delivered in a way that’s completely different from the scenes we’ve seen from previous films. This new space thriller opens with a bomb ticking down on the Millennium Falcon (a favorite space ship in the original trilogy). No sooner does the sound of the explosion reach our ears; we’re in the midst of an action-packed chase across the snowy desert landscape of Hothmoon. The Resistance fighter pilot manages to ram the Executor; and a firefight ensues with the help of a Resistance tank; which is piloted by none other than BB-8; played bypasses Star Trek legend John Boyega. In this exciting scene; the star-studded cast of The Force Awakens shines.

In another scene; Poe (Poe) and teammates fly aboard a hijacked TIE fighter; where they are pursued by a trio of TIE fighters. When the TIEs reach the front of the group; Poe fires off several rounds at them but gets hit in the leg. Thankfully; he’s saved by a surprising Resistance fighter. Meanwhile; the First Order is confident that their ground attack will be enough to wipe out the Resistance; so they send their TIE fighters after the unsuspecting Resistance ships.

As it turns out; the Resistance ship is carrying some highly classified information about the plans of the First Order. Knowing this; the Resistance pilots decide to execute a daring rescue mission; risking their lives. In the process; they ram the TIEs and destroy the Executor. After the destruction of the Executor; the remaining TIEs are forced to retreat. However; as they flee; the First Order manages to steal a shuttle from the Resistance and escape to the jungle moon of Endor.


Score & Verdict

With the Death Star plans destroyed and the rebellion scattered; the Empire has little to no resources left to further their efforts on the planet. In order to make up for their lack of manpower; the Empire turns to the bounty hunter Boba Fett; who happens to be the son of an Imperial agent. Using his expert training; Boba Fett tracks down the elusive Luke Skywalker; who was also hunting for the Dark Lord. While pursuing the mysterious knight; the two encounter each other and engage in a dogfight.

Space Jam XBox is a fun and entertaining film that’s sure to entertain viewers young and old. Although it is a bit short; the space battle scenes are thrilling and entertaining throughout the movie. The special effects are entertaining; although occasionally over the top. Overall; Space Jam is a fantastic family movie that kids (and adults) will enjoy. With some great special effects; a great cast; and some unique twists and turns; Space Jam is a definite must-see movie… So; go out; fire up the pc; and have some fun!