Spelunky 2
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Spelunky 2 Video Game Review

Spelunky 2 gameplay involves various components of the original game. You still need to jump, shoot, fight and climb. However, there are also some added challenges thrown in. For example, you are required to work with a compass and obtain information from items on the screen.


Spelunky 2

The first levels in Spelunky 2 are really challenging. They start with a room that is dark and gloomy. You can find two patrolling guards who’ll make an effort to stop you from entering. In addition to this, there are two mini-doors in the area, one of them guarded by an angry mob. These enemies attack by throwing exploding eggs at you. Luckily, there are also many useful items round the level that assist you in this section of the game.

Moving ahead to the second level you will encounter the same two guards, but this time, they are armed with weapons. Continue continue as the two guards prepare to attack you again. One of them will throw a petrol bomb down the path. A quick screen prompt demonstrates this can only be done assuming you have a lighter. Grab the lighter and use it to light the path to the next platform where another guard will fire a few rounds at you.

The 3rd and final level contains an injured rat. Use the lever to open the gate to enter the level. Continue up the road and turn right where a locked door awaits you. Kill the rat and continue up the ramp to enter the final room.

Once you reach the finish of the level, there exists a panel that says unlocking the next level. Do not move forward, as there is another panel that needs to be opened. Open it and a zombie drops from the ceiling. Aim your gun at it and kill it. Use the flashlight to see what the panel says.

The next panel teaches you which item to pick up. The panel tells you where the item is so you can go pick it up without moving your character. Pick up the crowbar and move forward towards the end of the particular level. When you reach the finish, a zombie blocks the journey, nevertheless, you can kill it with a shotgun or using a crowbar on its head.

In the next level, undertake the level very quickly and go through the locked doors before the timer runs out. Continue to the end and you may find a rocket launcher. Shoot the zombies and avoid them as you shoot down one after another. The level ends with a rocket dropping down the shaft.


This game has many Easter eggs scattered throughout its levels. A few of these are very an easy task to spot and can result in other parts of the game. The game also contains several Easter items such as for example an egg having an Easter egg inside it, an egg atop a mountain, and an egg under a bridge. A humorous sequence occurs once you destroy an egg along with a mountain in the ultimate scene.

If you love adventure games and think you’re around completing every level in a reasonable amount of time, this game is not for you personally. The puzzles have become challenging. You need to think creatively to solve them. Occasionally, you would run into a gadget that you can use to open a door, but doing this can make you lose a life. You will also run into some tricky situations where you’re forced to use items you don’t have.

Spelunky is very replayable. You can return to previous levels if you’re not satisfied with the results. You can also return to earlier levels if you want to try different strategies. This makes this game an extremely popular choice among gamers who like to explore the planet and try different things.

This game is not an ideal fit for several gaming consoles, but it’s worth looking into if you have a video game console. Because of its age (it had been originally developed for PCs), the graphics might not look too good on your system. If you have a more recent computer, however, you may be happy with the graphics. The overall game isn’t as smooth as you might hope. There are several areas which are badly textured and there are some clipping issues, but other than those, the overall game runs smoothly.

It’s possible to choose the original version of the game (the demo is fine), or you can purchase the emulator. This will enable you to play the game right on your computer. It will not work in a live environment, but it will help you to play the game as if you were in real life. Just fire up your game up, pick up where you left off, and play to your heart’s content! It will be possible to see the improvements. You might even find that you like it better than the original release.

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