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Surgeon Simulator 2

If there’s any game on today’s market that can lay claim to being one of the best-selling video games of all time; it’s Surgeon Simulator 2 game. If you thought the first game was all about saving lives; you need to rethink your priorities. This time around; you have a chance to save not just one but multiple lives. This is accomplished by utilizing both the scalpel and indeed; it’s up to you whether you want to just cut and manage the wounds that you find. You’ll also have to make use of the robot tools as well as the human arm in order to manipulate the patient in your care. This makes this game more interesting and challenging than the first.


Surgeon Simulator 2

However; this is not what makes this game superior to all other surgeon simulator 2: Access All Areas offerings. The real draw for this game is the excellent graphics and the realistic movements. The artificial intelligence system is so sophisticated that you’ll be able to identify each and every organ that a patient will have during their surgery and you’ll be able to operate accordingly. In other words; this game gives you the chance to perform all sorts of operations.

With regards to operations; you’ll have the chance to open up each patient’s chest cavity and take out all the organs present inside it. Once done; you can then operate on the various limbs separately. Likewise; you can operate on the various gears present inside the patient’s body. For example; you can open up the stomach of a surgeon and take out the intestines; just before doing the same with the head.

The best feature of this game is undoubtedly the option for surgeons to switch between both surgical operations and non-surgical ones. In other words; you get to be a fully fledged doctor with a surgical license after taking a brief training course in the game. As such; you are qualified to perform surgeries just like a qualified physician would. You are also given the chance to devise various treatment plans for your patients; just like an actual medical professional.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

Bossa is the main character in the game and he is actually one of the patients taken from the previous game; who now has been transferred to Louisiana. Bossa’s health is at stake since he needs to undergo surgery yet again; and unfortunately; his doctor is not available to help him. Thus; Bossa tracks down every member of the medical team working in the local hospital; in order to find help for his friend; but what he doesn’t know is that they also belong to a highly secret team called the Doctor Assistants.

Bossa is not the only character you can come across in the game as well; there are several other players who are equally interesting as Bossa and you can join their teams; fight with them and take out the enemies in the different multiplayer modes of surgeon simulator 2. For example; there is a hardcore mode in which you can opt for certain hardware features; complete with extra health and weapons; so that you can be even more aggressive. There are also the standard single player games where you can take on one of the characters and save the game; before going on to try the advanced levels. However; the most interesting mode in which you can participate in the story of the game is the co-op mode; where you can work with up to four players to eliminate all the enemies in a certain level and rescue the real Bossa; while preventing the other team from doing the same. You can also form a network in order to take part in the game simultaneously; meaning that you can compete with others around the world and save the real Bossa if you succeed.