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Tactical Gramma – You Are Already Dead

Bellingham Grandmother, Michelle Statham aka Tactical Gramma gains popularity streaming video games because she narrates video game reviews for her grandchildren. She tells her grandchildren about the role playing video games and advises them to play it wisely. Gaming addiction is on the rise as more people are becoming addicted to playing these video game platforms. Playing video games for fun and entertainment has become a way of life today.

Tactical Gramma

Known as Tactical Gramma, Michelle Statham loves gaming but she never considers herself as one of those addicted gamers. She simply considers herself as a good friend who wants to share her love with her grandchildren. In one episode of her show “The Joyners”, Grandma gets so mad that the children are not paying attention to her when she’s telling them about a video game. As she continues to tell her story, she gets so upset that she even shouts at the children.

It turns out that she’s been having some trouble getting the children to pay attention. But it was too late before she realized what she had done. Grandma was so mad that she storms off in a huff. She tells the children that Grandma has been very angry over the video games and she doesn’t like how they treat her.

So what prompted Grandma to gain such fame streaming video games? What happened in her life that led her to this passion? She tells the children that she loves them and that she would never leave them. This is what drove her to play games online even without an internet connection.

Online Streamer

One day, Grandma found herself sitting on the floor, crying because her game console was broken. She tells the kids that she will never play again and that she just wants to be left alone. The kids comfort her and console is repaired.

Several months pass by and Grandma is invited to different events. She goes to a gathering where everyone is gathered to play video games. When she arrives, she tries to play but fails to meet the standards set by the organizers. This gets the attention of several game enthusiasts who want to help her improve her game.