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Tales of Arise

If you like to play adventurous games and are craving for a break; then you should definitely try Tales of Arise: samurai of the Samurai. This is a turn-based role playing game developed and released by Bandai Namco Entertainment for Microsoft Windows OS; PlayStation 4; PlayStation 3; Xbox One; and Xbox Series S. The game is highly recommended for people who are looking for a challenging; yet gratifying action video game.


Tales of Arise

Unlike most Tales of Arise games; in this game there is a story behind each and every episode. Players are taken into the world of anew Japan after the catastrophic devastating world war. Team captains Shimada and Okamoto are tasked to investigate and find out what happened to the world’s greatest swordsman; Urotsuke Fuushi.

This multi-faceted adventure-adventure ransacks the imagination in an effort to create a gripping story that can stir up old questions and bring life to the characters. Players are swept into a fantasy world where they have to uncover the mystery behind a series of murders; riddles; and puzzling clues as they go back and forth on two sides of town. The two people finally come to the realization that the culprit is a member of the Leaf Village–a small town that stands watch over the outskirts of the major city of Konoha. With a mysterious connection; the two people are thrust into the middle of a conflict that will consume their strength and will to continue on their quest.

Players have a choice of taking on either the side of good or evil; depending on which route they choose to follow; but once they have begun their search for information; they learn that the “good” faction has hired a private investigator to perform sleuthing for them in order to uncover the secret of the “evil” organization and bring those responsible to justice. The detective; on the other hand; has his own reasons for investigating the case. He knows that the people of Konoha need to know about the tragic death of their friend Ayano Mabuchi; so he sets out to do just that–investigate the truth of what happened to her and to learn why she chose to commit her own murder.



The real challenge is finding the game’s multiple endings.

Tales of Arise: Castle in Online Time and Age follows the story of Ayano Mabuchi; who was known for being someone who could bring light to those around her. She was also well-known for her beauty; as seen in her countless number of cover pages that were printed both in Japanese and English. One of her last published works was a card that featured a drawing of her. Now; along with an all new look; pre-order tales of arise: castle in online time and age will allow players to dress up their favorite character as Ayano Mabuchi. Players can choose a design that features the image of Ayano wearing her school uniform along with a kimono; or they can opt to use other images of their personal choice.

The game will also include several other previously released games and TV specials; such as “The Ring of Honor;” “The Boys from Alabaster” and the popular “The Emperor’s Bride.” As the newest game in the Tales of Arise franchise; “The Emperor’s Bride” is sure to be a hit among fans of the original tales; as well as among new players who have never heard of the franchise before. As with all of Tales of Arise games; fans of the original tales can play together with other fans of the series at certain times during the year. However; those who wish to play in single player can still do so; as the game will feature an “action battle” mode that pits the game’s heroes against each other.